There was a gathering of roosters, hens, ducks and a solo chubby and cute cat. There was no fowl play involved, that can be assured. What were they doing? Are the chickens finally going to cross the road? Why were the ducks and a cat involved? The time is now for some fowl play exploration and a security cat at Malay Heritage Centre.

Said the rooster to the hen, “It’s time for us to start our artistic exploration adventure to Malay Heritage Centre, let’s go!” 

And the duck replied, “Let’s visit the Heritage Institution together!” 

Security Ah Meow said, “No worries, you folks go and explore Malay Heritage Centre, I will take care of you and look out for your folks there! I may look cute and chubby, don’t worry, I won’t steal your attention and limelight, ok?” 

Off they went, making their presence and appearance, attracting lots of attention and limelight from the visitors to Malay Heritage Centre. The young kids and the big kids are enjoying it! 

Where would the roosters, hens and ducks be heading to next in their fowl play exploration? Would security ah meow be tagging along? Stay tuned for more local artists highlights and mini stories!


A guerrilla “lightning” style artworks exhibition by talented local artist Yip Yew Chong, that took place at Malay Heritage Centre over the weekend from 22nd to 23rd January 2022 from 10am to 6pm. 

*** Exploring short visual storytelling style and approach, and a new mini stories series documenting local Singapore artists in action *** 

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