Over the past few weeks and months, there were a number of photography articles that I shared on my Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter, from new camera products announcements to discussions pertaining to the photography and economy situations. I wanted to share some thoughts yet I met with a photographer’s writer’s block. After looking through a series of photographs that I shot most recently, I was able to “translate” them, through telling my stories with Canon RF35mm f/1.8.

The Canon RF35mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM lens is currently with me for a review. I brought it out for a photography walkabout in my local neighbourhood, it was just about enjoying and having fun, to capture the moments, surroundings and photographs that I conveyed my thoughts and feelings.

What do you see?

Do we always look beyond what see in front of us, to really understand what is happening or taking place behind the scenes? How often have we human beings just look at the surface and nothing else? How often have human beings just judge you just because they think they have the rights to do so?

Is the journey ahead a clear straight route?

Life is never smooth sailing, sometimes it can be a roller coaster ride or riding through a storm with choppy waves. Running a business is an experience that encompasses both scenarios. Like a broken recorder, this broken recorder is doing less repeat broadcasts on how running a business is that damn difficult and tough. You have to experience it for yourself.

There is always a light shining out for you

In the midst of darkness, we have to persevere, continue moving forward, towards the light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a light shining out for you, guiding and leading you out from the darkness. Keep on going, don’t give up.

Be patient, the waiting game

Some things in life, sometimes can’t be rushed. Yes, we can’t just sit and wait for things to drop down from the sky, we have to work for it and work on it. In life, in business, we have to be patient, thus the waiting game.

Cat therapy

There are people out there, who are friends turning into acquaintances because they have to be downgraded lower, for isolation and exile into frozen land. Cuddling and playing with my neighbourhood cats are so much better than talking to some humans whose full time righteous job is to judge people and put people down.

Do keep a lookout for my Canon RF35mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM lens review! I might do another series on telling my stories with Canon RF35mm lens!

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