Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 is coming soon in the month of September 2021, falling on the 15th day of the eight lunar month. It’s one of the most important festivals for the Chinese communities around the world. While the ongoing global pandemic has restricted how we can celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, we must not let this global pandemic take away the significance of Mid-Autumn Festival and how we can spend time bonding with family and loved ones. 

Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall (SYSNMH) is a well-loved annual cultural event! Having visited Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival at SYSNMH over the past few years before the global pandemic situation hit us, it was fun, lively and packed with family with children. From live performances, activities and nice lanterns display, it was a weekend of fun and bonding time for families with children.

Even though there are safety restrictions in place due to the ongoing global pandemic, we still can celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and learn about Chinese traditions and customs from the comfort of your own home with the well-loved Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 Digital Edition!

Lantern Installation “Those Moonlit Moments..”

Date: 31st August 2021 to 26th September 2021

Time: 10am to 9pm (daily)

Besides the online digital offerings of Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival, visitors to SYSNMH can enjoy its iconic and cute thematic lantern installations, “Those Moonlit Moments” produced by  Thailand artist Boonyavee Boonsakda (Ngaew Ngaew), in collaboration with SYSNMH. 

The kids would love the four large and cute lanterns! They feature the artist’s characters who are enjoying mooncakes and each other’s company under the gentle and watchful eye of Ngaew’s Moon Rabbit. This Moon Rabbit was created specially for the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s inspired by the Jade Rabbit from Chinese folklore which keeps Goddess  Chang’e company on the moon.

Don’t miss “Those Moonlit Moments..”! Bring your lanterns, let the children (and you adults too!)  have fun and take photos!

Programmes Details

  1. Deciphering Lantern Riddles! (for Children) – 22nd September 2021
  2. Deciphering Lantern Riddles! (for Adults) – 23rd September 2021
  3. Mid-Autumn Craft Tutorial: Create Your Own Unique Lantern – 21st September 2021
  4. What does Your Lantern Say About You? – 14th September 2021
  5. Help Hou Yi Shoot the Suns – 17th September 2021
  6. Learn more about the Jade Rabbit – 24th September 2021
  7. Let’s Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Uncle Ting! – 6th September 2021  

Do share Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 (Digital Edition) with your family, loved ones, relatives and friends! We must not let this ongoing global pandemic dampen our mood for cultural festivals, we still can celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in a safe and different way!

For more information on Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 (Digital Edition), please visit https://www.sysnmh.org.sg/en/whats-on/events/wan-qing-mid-autumn-festival-2021 

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