World Water Day 2022

World Water Day falls on 22nd March every year, this is an annual United Nations Observance that started in 1993. World Water Day celebrates water and raise awareness on 2 billion people around the world are currently living without access to safe water. 

This is my first time marking #WorldWaterDay on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog. While I have been photographing, covering and writing on environmental protection, conservation, sustainability, I feel that I have not done enough. In recent years, I have increased concern for our world climate situation. I decided to be more active in this movement, I hope that my visual story telling can play a bigger role in helping to bring world environmental issues and awareness across to different groups of people not just in Singapore, around the world as well. 

World Water Day 2022 theme is Groundwater. It’s invisible yet its impact is visible everywhere around the world. We are over using groundwater in many areas around the world, our natural resource is being depleted and its time the world act on this. You can play a part in World Water Day 2022, please visit UN Water and find out more!

Back home in Singapore, we are having our own Singapore World Water Day too! Time to GoBlue4SG and let’s Make Every Drop Count. Canon Singapore has partnered with PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency on a photography contest – Canon x Singapore Water Day Photo Contest, Theme is “Water is Life” from 17th to 27th March 2022. Go check it out! 

When I am not doing commercial photography work, I love to explore Singapore’s nature and outdoors. From exploring parks, reservoirs, nature reserves, photographing wildlife, nature areas and how we Singaporeans interact and live with nature and outdoors close to our doorstep.

My recent exploration brought me to photographing nature, wildlife and our waterways/reservoirs up close as well as from a bird’s eye view in our heartlands. 

On World Water Day, let’s #GoBlue4SG and #MakeEveryDropCount, spread the awareness on water, not just in Singapore, around the world too

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R3 Explorer Series Production *

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