Taiwan is naturally one of the top choices when it comes to planning a romantic getaway with your other half. The delicious food, beautiful scenery, friendly people are some of what makes this Asian country a pleasant place to enjoy a holiday, or even for couples to spend their honeymoon. Here are a few picturesque locations that should be on your itinerary when visiting Taiwan with your partner.

  1. Sun Moon Lake

This popular attraction is the largest lake in Taiwan. It got its name from its shape – the east part of it resembles a sun while the west is shaped like a crescent moon. We recommend booking a night or two to stay to fully enjoy what the surroundings have to offer, as there are accommodations catered for families and couples. You can explore the area by taking a cable car ride or ferry.

  1. Mao Kong

If you are looking for a beautiful place to relax and have tea, Mao Kong is the perfect place for you to unwind. Spend some quality time with you partner and savour their locally grown tieguanyin, a type of oolong tea, while enjoying the view of the Taipei City. If you are a tea-lover, buy some back as souvenirs to remind you of your wonderful experience at Mao Kong.

  1. East Rift Valley

Witness the beauty of Taiwan’s countryside and explore the beautiful nature of this place. There are lots do this at the East Rift Valley – visit flower fields and take lots of with your partner, soak in the natural hot springs and cycle your way around the region. Depending on the season you are visiting, the East Rift Valley has something beautiful for you to explore.

  1. Maolin National Scenic Area

Maolin National Scenic Area is one of the popular tourist attractions located in the south of Kaohsiung. It has more than 10 scenic spots for couples to get in touch with the nature and photograph their memories. Couples can also use this opportunity to explore millions of butterflies at the Purple Butterfly Valley. It is definitely a worth-visit places in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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