Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park? My initial thoughts, “… What kind of place is this that we are visiting? It doesn’t sound too interesting ….” Yes, that’s my first reaction when I heard of this destination that was on our schedule planned by Tiffany, the person who liaised most of the travel planning and discussions with the respective travel, tourism and hospitality companies for our Chiang Mai trip.

However, I confessed that when I first stepped into Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park in the afternoon after our half day trip to Doi Suthep National Park in the morning, I was in awe of this lovely, quiet and tranquil location. This place is environmentally friendly, superb hospitality, a cosy café known as Adobe Cafe, nice souvenirs, craft works and art works gift shop.

Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is an easy destination to navigate, you can walk on your own through the eight stations and explore it yourself, there are maps, signages and boards explaining the processes at each station. Alternatively, you can sign up for the guided tour. We were hosted by Ms. Tun Kanokrat, Managing Director of Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park, she brought us on a guided tour, demonstrating and explaining to us the processes at each different stages of producing the poopoo paper.

History of Paper Garden– Before you start, visit this segment at the park and learn about the history of paper, the origin and development over the centuries

Poo Fiber Shed– Next up, visit the Poo Poo Shed, touch and smell the dried poo!  Don’t worry, it’s not smelly!

Cleaning & Boiling– The dried poo fiber is put through the process of cleaning and boiling, inside the big hot wok over the charcoal fire.

Mixing & Colouring– After cleaning and boiling, they are headed to the mixing and colouring shed,  transforming into colourful pulp poo balls.

Papermaking– This is probably going to be one of the most fun part getting hands on with the pulp poo balls, spread the dried pulp poo balls onto the mesh wooden tray with water, spread them out evenly.

Sheet Screening– Bring the mesh wooden tray of the pulp poo poo fiber into the backyard for drying. While it might take some time to see your handicraft work turning into recycled paper, you can be proud of your achievement!

Finished Product– At this shed, you can view and touch the various freshly made sheets of POOPOOPAPER, this is probably the next fun segment for you, time to make your own/decorate your own unique POOPOOPAPER product, let your creativity artwork flow! There are also ready made POOPOOPAPER products for you to buy back home as gifts for your family, relatives and friends!

Team #EpiphanyGoChiangMai did a great job there, getting the videos and interviews shot by Valentino with travel hosts Tiffany and Peps, hosting, introducing and interviewing Ms Kanokrat. As for myself, I was busy taking behind the scenes photos and you can view them inside this flickr album! As the quiet Chiang Mai evening sets in, we bade farewell to this wonderful destination and returned back to our Baisiri Maya hotel in Chiang Mai.

However, Team #EpiphanyGoChiangMai, really liked this place so much that we squeezed out a few hours out from our schedule on Day 4 to visit them again after our maiden visit on Day 3 in Chiang Mai.

I got most of my photos on Day 3 of our visit and on Day 4, I continued taking photos of the park that I wasn’t able to finish taking the day before. On Day 4, I was able to get my hands on, making my own TGH Photography bookmark that I can bring home to Singapore. My own DIY bookmark from Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park provided me with wonderful memories and the friendly chats with the owners of Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park.

This is a must visit destination when you visit Chiang Mai, Thailand! Lovely, quiet and tranquil location, ideal for families with children to learn more about eco-friendly movement, recycling and saving the environment, with great hands on experience to build and decorate your own notebooks, bookmarks etc etc … Do check out Tiffany’s article post on her visit to Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park too! If you are a teacher planning a school trip to Chiang Mai, this is highly recommended destination to bring your students, there’s so much to learn about recycling, eco-friendly livng, sustainability, moreover, the students can have an awesome hands on experience with the recycled paper products!

I would like to thank Ms. Kanokrat and her team for her warmest hospitality when they hosted us, Team #EpiphanyGoChiangMai at the Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park. Personally, I had an awesome time there, learning a lot more about eco-friendly activities, recycling, saving the environment, getting hands on with paperwork and handicraft, making my own unique poopoo paper bookmark! I am pretty sure the rest of Team #EpiphanyGoChiangMai agree with me too! More photographs of our visit to Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park can be viewed here in this Flickr album!

Visitor Information on Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park

Address: 87 Moo. 10, T. Maeram, Amphur Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, 50180 THAILAND

Telephone: +66(0)53-299565

Email: info@poopoopaperpark.com

Opening Hours: 9:00am to 5:30pm

Cost of entry: 100 Baht

Website: http://www.poopoopaperpark.com/en/

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/7b24kqHCUxk

*Thai language Directions for taxi, tuk-tuk, red bus, etc. :

อยู่ห่างจากตัวเมืองเชียงใหม่เพียง10 กิโลเมตร(15 นาที) โดยเดินทางสู่เส้นแม่ริมและใช้เวลาเพียง2 นาทีจากทางแยกแม่ริม-สะเมิงเลียบคลองมาทางคุ้มเสือและเลยไปอีกเพียง100 เมตร

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