Many of us are having the travel wanderlust, wanting to get out and travel again. With the year end holiday season upon us, have you started your travel adventure holiday plans? In the midst of your travel planning, have you started planning for your travel SIM and other travel related stuff such as accommodation? Circles.Life is daring you to make the change to your usual travel adventures: GTFO and travel fuss-free with Circles.Life Jetpac.

GTFO means “Get There Fuss-Free, Ok?”! Circles.Life has a brand new solution designed for Singapore’s travel-hungry wanderlusts and jet-setting lifestyle, that can’t wait to get out and travel again, as the world is emerging from the shadows of the global pandemic situation. 

Picture courtesy of Circles.Life

Circles.Life is the original disruptors of the telco industry, they are now looking to disrupt the global roaming mobile networks for us travel hungry wanderlusts. The Circles.Life Jetpac plan is a new travel lifestyle initiative, it’s a subscription based product that is going to promise travel freedom for all. 

Travelers, we know how expensive global roaming rates can be. With Circles.Life Jetpac, that is going to change. You can get unbeatable global roaming rates, monthly hotel vouchers and free group lounge access for flight delays.

What’s more, there is no need to be a Circles.Life customer to enjoy Jetpac! It’s open to everyone! All you need to do is to set it up once, and you can travel like a pro!

Circles.Life Jetpac Plan Options

Pro Pac ($20 per month)

  • 20GB * global roaming data, with rollover up to 10GB
  • Access up to 1,100+ lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 6 travelers 
  • Stack up to $240 cash-back a year on 500,000+ hotels worldwide

* Plan reverts to 5GB after the first month 

Lite Pac ($10 per month)

  • 3GB global roaming data, with rollover up to 6GB
  • Unlimited access to 1,100+ lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 2 travelers

If you want something more comprehensive than Pro Pac and Lite Pac, you have to check out Circles.Life Insure Pac ($30 per month), it’s a Pro Pac+ with travel insurance! A peace of mind for you travel wanderlusts to travel fuss free, truly GTFO with Travel SIM + travel incentives + travel insurance!

For more information on JetPac, please visit 

To all the travel hungry wanderlusts out there, you have to check out Circles.Life Jetpac, maybe it’s time (for me and you) to disrupt and make the changes to your travel adventures planning. The time is now to GTFO and Travel Fuss-Free with Circles.Life Jetpac! 

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