Travelers, how do you do your travel planning, for a group tour with family or friends or your own solo travel adventure? Do you know a travel app that can inspire you, plan your own travel adventures or share the travel planning with your travel mates, gather ideas, information, shop for pocket WiFi, travel insurance etc? Yes, you can now do all the above! Ready to Travel (RTT) version 2.0 is here!

RTT is a travel platform from SATS, Asia’s leading provider of food solutions and gateway services. RTT recently unveiled new features and services of RTT 2.0 at a recent event in Singapore. I had a hands on experience with the RTT app, installed it on my Apple iPhone XR during the event, tried it out and I really liked it! For a solo traveler like me that likes to do my own travel photography adventures, I also do small group travel holidays with friends too sometimes. I reckon this app would be great for both solo and small group travel planning.

RTT allows travelers to purchase travel essentials such as travel insurance, pocket WiFi rental (free device delivery and pickup service) and airport concierge. They have incorporated new features to the RTT app that include:

  • Access to over 400 airport lounges in close to 100 countries to expand RTT’s airport lounge selection, including Changi Airport’s four SATS Premier Lounges.
  • A new global bag-locate service – from as little as S$6, travellers can insure two bags with a pay-out of up to S$2,200 per delayed bag. Through RTT, travellers get email updates on the location of missing baggage. This service comes with a 96-hour guarantee, from the time the flight lands to baggage return, after which travellers will receive the pay-out.
  • A collaborative platform for users to plan a travel itinerary collectively in real-time. It also allows travellers to stay organised by securely saving and accessing travel documents.

“Ready To Travel’s goal is to empower a seamless and hassle-free travel experience for travellers today who appreciate an intuitive platform. We benefit from our parent company, SATS’ extensive network of ground handling operations and partnerships to bring essential global travel services onto a one-stop platform,” said Eileen Tan, Vice President of Consumer Services, SATS Ltd. (Ready To Travel).

After installing the RTT app on my iPhone, I explored the app, discovering travel locations, ideas, interesting things to do, food and drinks. They have an essentials section, which is really useful, such as whether we would need a tourist visa, wether, exchange rate. There is also a folder to save your images and pdf files that you compiled during your travel planning, for your reference if you are doing solo travel or you can share them with your fellow travel mates that are going together with you.

If you are a solo traveler or planning your group travel holidays with your family, relatives or friends, the RTT is an excellent app for you to do almost all your travel planning, needs and essentials purchases all under one app. While the RTT app caters for the younger millennial travelers, I reckon it’s just as suitable for those who love traveling, wanting to customise/plan your own travel adventures with your like-minded travel companions.

I might have found the travel app that I always want to have/use, the Ready to Travel (RTT) app. This app suits what I am doing, planning my solo travel photography adventures. As you can see in my screenshot capture, I do hope that my Kansai travel photography adventure in November 2019 comes true! I named my travel adventure plan as “Solo ‘cos #Yolo”, suits me perfectly!

Fellow travelers and wanderlust out there, do check out Ready to Travel (RTT) app! Download them, happy planning and sharing! Have many great travel adventures with the RTT app!

YOLO! Let’s go travel and have fun!

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** Information and pictures courtesy of SATS and Gloo PR **

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