For fellow Japan travel wanderlusts, you would already have heard and read the news that you are most eagerly awaiting for, the reopening ofwo Japan to welcome back international visitors again! Japan is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and the folks in Singapore also placed Japan as their top favourite travel destination that they are looking forward to travel and visit again. The time is now to start planning for your wanderlust trip to Japan, let’s rediscover the wonders and beauty of Japan with Scott Dunn.

Seigantoji Pagoda and Nachi Falls

From visiting major modern cosmopolitan cities such as the stunning neon street lights of Shinjuku, Tokyo, to world heritage destinations packed with rich traditions and culture such as Kyoto, or the scenic powder white snow of Niseko, Hokkaido, there is so much to see and do in every city/town in Japan. Scott Dunn’s travel experts have curated several Japan travel itineraries below for you to rediscover the wonders and beauty of Japan again.

People walking in Shibuya shopping district.
sunrising landscape under snow in Niseko in Japan

Escape to some of Japan’s most luxurious and intimate ryokans

The Japanese ryokans are some of the best places to experience Japanese hospitality at its best. Those traditional Japanese inns are often small in size, they are family-run establishments, just like a boutique spa hotel. All you have to do is relax, enjoy and use be.

Ryokan Kurashiki Garden

In this indulgent itinerary from Scott Dunn, you’ll get to discover beautiful onsens set against incredible backdrops, feast on delicious Kaita-kaiseki dining, and discover Japan’s famed omotenashi-style hospitality that will leave you wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated.

Explore Japan’s gorgeous natural wonders from waterfalls to cherry blossoms

Japan has gorgeous natural wonders, thanks to its varied topography and geography. They are the perfect setting for a great outdoors adventure, as well as a travel photographer’s haven. Travel out and beyond the buzzing metropolis, discover the remote islands, towering volcanoes, secret springs and snow-capped mountains. They are waiting for you to explore them!

Japanese rice terraces at sunset. Maruyama-senmaida, Kumano, Japan.

Veer off the beaten track and venture down some of Japan’s most beautiful walking trails in Scott Dunn’s Exceptional Japan itinerary. One of the trails that guests will get to experience is the Nakasendo Trail. Lined with traditional villages and beautiful mountains, this trail follows the ancient road that samurai used to take while travelling between Tokyo and Kyoto.

If you are a Japan cherry blossom fan, you would know that March and April are the best times to visit this iconic world famous spectacle of pastel pink as the cherry trees begin to blossom with sakura in Japan. This special itinerary from Scott Dunn will take you through some of the most picturesque places to see the cherry blossoms, including stops at Hakone National Park and Miyajima Island. Plus, thanks to Scott Dunn’s intrepid travel experts, you’ll get to see the cherry blossoms at lesser-known parks and viewing points only the locals are privy to.

Himeji, Japan at Himeji Castle in spring season.

Time to start planning for your Japan’s cherry blossom season in March and April 2023!

美味しい! Oishii Japan’s local culinary delights

Food lovers, we know how Oishii Japan’s local culinary delights are! Japan is a food haven for foodies!

Enjoy a sake-themed day tour of Saijo where you will visit local brewers and have the chance to taste, learn and identify the subtle difference between different varieties of sake, or explore the endless maze of bars and restaurants of Shinbashi, where Tokyo’s ‘salarymen’ come to enjoy an after-work snack and drink.

A luxurious sushi spread in Tokyo

In Scott Dunn’s Hidden Gem Food Tour, you’ll get to enjoy delicious snacks — such as savoury okonomiyaki pancakes and yakitori — and dine just like the locals do.

Take a cultural journey through the remarkable island of Naoshima 

Art enthusiasts will love the contemporary art paradise that is Naoshima island. Home to numerous museums and art displays, this small island began to grow as an art mecca in the 1980s: It even offers guests the unique opportunity to stay in an art museum – one designed by the famed architect Tadao Ando, and one that is equipped with stylish guest rooms and suites that boast the best views of the inland sea.

Naoshiam Island Art Piece Museum Japan

There, guests can indulge in decadent French and Japanese cuisine, pamper themselves in the nearby spa, and of course, explore the dozens of galleries and exhibitions spread across the remarkable area.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Scott Dunn and White Label PR *

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