The Travel Corporation (TTC) recently released its official Impact Report in May 2022, reporting in detail on its progress against its 11 sustainability goals that was launched in September 2020. TTC’s current 5-year sustainability strategy – How We Tread Right (HWTR), was built to ensure all 41 award-winning brands within TTC’s family of brands are advancing their shared ethos to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER®. 

Trattoria Terra Madre, featured on select Insight Vacations’ Italian itineraries, is a farm-to-table experience in Alberobello, Italy, advancing sustainable food production. Insight Vacations offers a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience on 94% of itineraries.

The topics on climate change, sustainability, eco-friendly measures, waste reduction and key environmental issues have been on my mind especially over the past few years as I started to be more mindful and conscious of climate, global warming, urbanisation, wastage of resources. During the global pandemic period that started from 2020, our work and living was thrown upside down, while the world travel and tourism industries were severely affected, it did give the world  travel and tourism industries the time to look at sustainability, eco-friendly measures that can be implemented for the good and future of our planet Earth.

Impact Report

Since TTC launch its sustainability strategy, in the space of 15 months, the global operator has been working tirelessly towards its 11 goals that are anchored to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Inside TTC Impact Report, it highlights the cumulative progress that they have made so far as the company seeks to shape a better future for the travel industry, the local communities and local people it visits, the planet and wildlife. 

“This first, and future Impact Reports, enable us to evaluate the progress we’re making as a company as well as individual brands, so we can track our increasing achievements and acknowledge the areas that need more work,” says Shannon Guihan, The Travel Corporation’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “Our sustainability strategy, How We Tread Right, was carefully designed to enable meaningful measurements with a clear focus on action. We are singularly focused on the success of these actions on the issues we aim to address, and recognize that our impact can only be understood through measurement and transparency.” 

TTC recognises that there is a growing expectation from guests and customers around the world who want to make responsible choices and travel more sustainably. That includes supporting local communities and reducing environmental impacts. Travelers are also seeking a meaningful holiday experience with the guidance of a knowledgable Travel Advisor.

“With the upcoming Stockholm+50 international environmental conference convened by the United Nations General Assembly, issues including climate change, sustainable food production and animal welfare are global issues which require urgent action,” adds Brett Tollman, Chairman of The Travel Corporation. “In sharing our blueprint to do better, we hope to engage our industry to join the fight against these critical planetary challenges, as it’s only in working together with clear intent that we can truly make travel a force for good and safeguard our planet for future travellers,” he concludes. 

How We Tread Right

TTC and its 41 brands within TTC’s family, they want to address sustainability in two key ways, through HWTR, its sustainability strategy featuring 11 SMART goals, and its TreadRight Foundation that supports the advancement of these goals through giving. 

Here are some key takeaways from the Impact Report highlighting its cumulative progress against TTC’s 11 sustainability goals from September 2020 through December 2021 include:


  • Developed net zero targets aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), currently under review and will be shared later in 2022. 
  • Contiki announced their carbon neutral trips as of January 1st, 2022. 
  • Sourced 28 per cent of their global electricity needs from renewable sources. 
  • Switched nine additional properties to 100 per cent renewable electricity. 
  • Introduced food waste management systems at 30 per cent of our hotels and Uniworld ships. 
  • Reduced printed brochures by 88 per cent from 2019. 


  • Introduced 554 MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences across TTC itineraries, educational experiences designed to advance the UNSDGs, which positively impact and support the people and communities they visit. 
  • In 2021, 51 per cent of all TTC itineraries had at least one MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience, surpassing the goal set to reach 50 per cent by 2025. 
  • Offered 65 TTC itineraries visiting 110 developing regions. 


  • Assessed 400+ wildlife experiences to ensure 100 per cent compliance with our Animal Welfare Policy. 

If you like to know more information on The Travel Corporation’s full Impact Report and learn more about the progress TTC and its brands have achieved against its How We Tread Right sustainability strategy, please visit their website 

Personal Thoughts and Views

This is part of my ongoing “Special Theme Q2 2022 – Fully Restarting Tourism” series, covering news and developments of the travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation industries worldwide.

As travel restrictions are gradually lifted across the world, we should be witnessing a (truly and finally) fully restarting tourism movement in Q2-Q3/Q4 2022. The travel, tourism, aviation and hospitality industries around the world would need time to ramp up, getting back to speed, from getting skilled and experienced staff back, to re-training and getting back to pre-pandemic levels again. 

The topics on climate change, sustainability, reducing food waste, eco-friendly measures are crucial and very important areas for the whole world to take necessary actions starting now and in the coming years ahead.

Although the world travel and tourism industries are gradually reopening up again from the recent global pandemic situation, working to get back on track, the areas of sustainability, reducing wastage, eco-friendly measures and many more areas are key areas for the world travel and tourism industries to work on, hand-in-hand together as we move out from this global pandemic situation.

It’s good to know more in-depth about The Travel Corporation and the 41 award-winning brands within TTC’s family global initiatives, strategies, directions and leadership in sustainability and care for the planet. 

We are all in it together, the time is now to tread right, to fight climate change, achieve sustainability, reduce wastage of resources and many more work needed to be done, for the home we are living in, Planet Earth.

* Information and pictures courtesy of The Travel Corporation and Redhill *

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