There is always a travel wanderlust inside me, wanting to fly away and travel to faraway destinations. In a short two parts travel stories series, I would be sharing on my travel wanderlust February 2020 edition in the first part. Last year 2019, I didn’t travel out for any holiday other than to Malaysia for extended family events. The travel wanderlust inside me is asking when and where do I want to travel off to, around the world?

Travel writer

Although at times I have more travel photographs than travel writing, embarking on the travel writer route is a natural progression from where I had been sharing my travel stories on my photography and travel portal/blog over the years.

Most recently, I added the following travel writing guides “How to be a Travel Writer” from Lonely Planet, “The Art of Travel Writing” and How to make a living as a Travel Writer” from Nomads Worldwide, along with these books that had been with me for a while, “Globejotting – How to Write Extraordinary Travel Journals” by Dave Fox and “台灣街角小旅行” by emico. Last but not least, my Travelers Factory journals are waiting for me to fill in those journals with travel stories, moments, photos, stickers, ink stamps and drawings.

Therefore, I would practice my travel writing stories inside my upcoming photography zine publications, from online/digital to small prints.

Travel planning

The amount of travel tools, websites, apps, blogs etc are in abundance in this modern social media and digital era. It’s so much easier to do your travel planning with the information available such as Best Travel Sites: Top 25 List for you to plan and book your next travel adventure! For all fellow travelers and travel wanderlusts like me out there, travel accessories are important in your travel planning too, do check out Best Travel Accessories: The Top 25 List, you would definitely need some of these travel accessories before you embark on your next travel adventure!

Visit Japan!

If you have been a regular reader and supporter of my photography and travel, you would have noticed that I am a big fan of Japan travel! There are still many destinations to visit in Japan that I have to do so!

Visit Mie, has an instagram account that I followed, they recently conducted a lucky draw for the contest that I participated in and I won a pair of Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus 5 days pass! I can now travel across Kansai region, visiting Mie, Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara! The expiry date for this pair of pass is end October 2020, I really hope that I can make this next Visit Japan travel photography adventure happen!

I also want to visit Hokkaido again, for spring, summer and late winter seasons, to complete my Hokkaido autumn 2016 and early winter 2014 travel photography adventures, that would allow me to produce my second book on Hokkaido travel photography!

Do visit my Flickr travel photography collection and check out my travel photographs of the various destinations that I visited!

Goodbye to a travel icon in Singapore

At Changi Airport Terminal 2 in Singapore, there is a solaris board at the Departure area, the iconic analogue flight information board that had influenced me to be a travel wanderlust since I tasted traveling overseas. It’s sad to say goodbye to the analogue flight information board, I hope that I can still see you somewhere in Changi Airport, for old memories sake!

What is my travel bucket list for year 2020 ?

Japan – Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Mie

Sri Lanka

Climb and conquer another mountain peak

Year 2020 kicked off to a very disruptive start, no thanks to the COVID-19 virus situation, travel and tourism industries are badly hit. The recovery from this virus situation might be three to six months away hopefully, keeping our fingers crossed.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement, please continue to follow me on my travel photography and travel writer adventures!

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