Year 2020, the year that will be remembered in our human race history and time, marked by the global pandemic Covid-19. The world economy and daily living faced massive economic impacts and changes. Year 2020 is also the year whereby the world travel and tourism industry were brought to a standstill, they are one of the hardest hit of all the industries. Therefore on World Tourism Day 27th September 2020, let us take this opportunity to reflect and rethink the future of our world travel and tourism industries, from sustainability, social, cultural and a new future.

Looking back at some of my travel adventures below, they brought back many great memories, friendships, learning and understanding, beyond my travel photography and travel stories writing. A picture/photo speaks a thousand words. 

For many of us who are unable to travel internationally for our leisure trips, this would be the time to explore our own backyard, your own domestic tourism sector. Countries small in size such as Singapore, may not have the domestic tourism sector like those countries with big land space. Nevertheless, there are things to do, explore, learn and have fun in Singapore. With SingapoRediscovers, I hope to share more photos and stories of various locations in Singapore for fellow Singaporeans to explore and have fun, this would also serve as a guide for future travelers visiting Singapore when the Covid-19 situation is under control with a vaccine in place. 

Through my interactions, discussions and chats with fellow travelers on social media, such as Travel Talk on Twitter (TTOT), we travelers are reflecting, thinking and planning about the future of our world travel and tourism. This global pandemic Covid-19 has brought massive impacts to world travel and tourism industries, this would also be the time for a reset and reboot, for a better and more sustainable future, for Mother Earth, our society and future generation. 

I would write and share more in-depth views and analysis of the world tourism and travel sectors down the road. For all fellow travel wanderlusts, let us celebrate World Tourism Day 27th September 2020 by reflecting, rethinking and planning for a new future. 

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