Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2009 @ Marina Barrage

IMG_4563Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl – Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with a Thick Peanut Butter Swirl – Love chocolate? Love peanut butter? Then this must be the perfect concoction for you. Smooth, velvety milk chocolate ice-cream with thick, gooey swirls of peanut butter – nothing can be better than that!”

Mention the word Ben & Jerry ice cream and you would send many people from young to old, craving and eating them with great enthusiasm and delight. I am a fan of their ice cream and when Ben & Jerry’s in Singapore announced Chunk Fest 2009 to be held at the Marina Barrage, it attracted quite a lot of their fans coming to down for the “Exclusive” Ben & Jerry ice cream, that are not available in Singapore, imported from the U.S.A.


The event was held at the roof terrace of the Marina Barrage and it was a great ground for picnics, gatherings, kite flying, enjoying Ben & Jerry ice cream and a live music carnival with 5 other local bands coming together and performing at Chunk Fest 2009. Weather was good, it was hot and hazy, you could feel, sense and see the haze covering the Marina Bay and its surroundings. Nevertheless, it didn’t deter the fun from going on.


Walked around, enjoyed the atmosphere and carnival, selected 1 of the 12 Ben & Jerry ice cream, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl …… What can I say ….. It’s really delicious and lovely !! There were more activities ongoing during the entire event, didn’t get to catch all of them as I went around in the late afternoon, after 4pm.


I was having fun, relaxing and enjoying myself before something happened to Canon EOS 30D, suffered with an Error 99 code, all possible attempts were used to revive my workhorse Canon EOS 30D and it was to no avail, I am going to send it in to Canon Singapore Service Centre (AGAIN) for my 2nd Error 99 issue on the coming Monday morning. With that, my adventure at Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2009 was brought to an abrupt end.


  1. The mind is so powerful. Here I am dropping Ecards like crazy. And thanks to you… I’m heading in the kitchen for some chocolate ice cream! Oh well…it’s time for a little snack…lol

  2. Yum cream. I haven’t had ice cream for quite awhile. Miss my green tea flavoured ice cream.

  3. It’s so hard to leave a comment tonight! The electric power was shut off when I only wrote half sentence!

    And It’s so bad to see such yummy in middle night!

  4. Author

    Hi Roschelle

    Thanks for dropping your Entrecard ! Yeah, the mind is very powerful, a photo of my Ben & Jerry ice cream made my readers hungry !

    Hope you enjoy your chocolate ice cream snack !

  5. Author

    Hi Mei Teng

    Me too, haven’t had ice cream for a while & when there is a Ben & Jerry event, I can’t resist 🙂

  6. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Yeah, it’s bad to see the ice cream in the middle of the night, made u go hungry ! 😉

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