New Nature Park in Singapore Opens !

I was surfing and reading my fellow local blogger/friend, Seen This Scene That and found out from his post that Dairy Farm Nature Park is officially opened !! It was declared opened by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development, with news reported on AsiaOne and National Parks Board.

The Dairy Farm Nature Park brought back my memories when I was a Boy Scout in Dragon Scout Group and hiking was a very fun activity for us and we hiked from the summit of Bukit Timah Hill downwards to Dairy Farm and had our outdoor fun and activities there. Still remembered the ancient house used for filming (martial arts dramas) at the Dairy Farm Quarry (if my memories recalled correctly). Check out the National Parks Board webpage on Dairy Farm Nature Park and check out the map by National Parks Board below –


I haven’t been there yet, looking around the photos taken by other fellow bloggers, it looks great and fun, well connected to the park connectors and cycling trails. Feeling excited and looking forward to plan another photography walkabout to take photos of Dairy Farm Nature Park.


  1. Hi Geng Hui

    Thanks for the links.

    Dairy Farm nature park is a lot less crowded than Bukit Timah Hill, yet packs quite a lot of attractions.

    Goo place for those who like nature and being outdoor on hikes or bikes.

  2. Thanks for sharing. My family likes nature. Now we have a new hangout:)

  3. Author

    Hi Seen This Scene That

    Looking forward to visit Dairy Farm Nature Park ! Would update all of you when I go for my photography walkabout !

  4. Author

    Hi De nesa

    Thank you for dropping by !! Hope you enjoy your adventure at Dairy Farm Nature Park !

  5. This must be a beautiful park that is opening. We have many here in Canada, and I have enclosed some photos in a couple of my blogs, and will have more soon. They are wonderful, and very relaxing,. Our parks have many great pictures to take.
    Thanks for shareing.

  6. Author

    Hi marion

    I haven’t visit it yet, would be posting up here when I do so.

    Canada has many beautiful national parks and sceneries, would love to visit it one day, thank you for sharing too on your blog !

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