Breakfast with Panasonic Asia

It was a busy Saturday on 2nd October, ShooUrTweeple in the afternoon and before that in the morning, I was invited by Panasonic Asia to a breakfast event with them, via XPR. It was a fun networking and tech toys event for me, therefore I would like to thank Panasonic Asia and XPR for the invitation, along with their kind and warm hospitality.

The breakfast event was held at Brotziet, 313@Somerset , nice food, location and restaurant. When I arrived, I saw a number of familiar faces, Hisham, Joe, Philip and Feliza and got to network with the marketing staff of Panasonic Asia and XPR staff as well. Networking and chatting, taking photos along the way, morning drinks, followed by breakfast.

During the breakfast event, we were shown a 3D movie, Ice Age 3 !! The 3D lens was the very first time I have a more hands on experience and when I put it on and watch the movie, Ice Age 3, it was really cool and very nice 3D !! I would write in more in-depth and keep a lookout for my post ! It would be coming soon !!

It wasn’t so much watching Ice Age 3 in 3D, this was an excellent opportunity to network with Panasonic Asia and have a chat with them more of their toys a.k.a products, other staff from XPR too, whom had been inviting me for technology events for the past 2 years and I am very grateful and thankful for their continuous support and engagements. Of course, last but not least, catching up with fellow bloggers, had met some of them quite often recently 🙂

Oh yeah, do join Panasonic Asia on Facebook and  Twitter ! Follow them for their updates and competitions ! Oh, not forgetting, thanks for the toys !

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