Gallery After Hours at National Gallery Singapore

A night at the National Gallery Singapore, the After Hours packed with different interesting events beyond visiting the various art galleries inside there. Gallery After Hours happened on 29th April 2016 and it was a good time to visit the National Gallery Singapore again! I haven’t seen all the art exhibitions inside the various galleries of the National Gallery Singapore yet!


Food, drinks and music performances were the programme highlights of Gallery After Hours, there were French Wine and cheese tasting, I saw them from the outside and didn’t get to try it out at Gallery & Co, located at City Hall Building Level 1. I hope to attend the French Wine and cheese tasting in the future!


The glass enclosure segment that connects the City Hall Building and former Supreme Court, is going to be popular spot for photographers to capture different views of the amazing architectural facades of these two historical and iconic buildings. This is known as the Padang Atrium and during Gallery After Hours, there were electronic music performances held there. Visitors sat on the steps, watching and listening to the electronic music performances. While it is not an official performance ground, I reckon it will be a great outdoor performance area in an indoor enclosure!


On the Gallery After Hours night, I also visited its first international special exhibition, Reframing Modernism, co-curated and co-presented with Centre Pompidou, Paris. This is a very interesting and intriguing arts exhibition, showcasing more than 200 artworks from about 50 artists, with approximately half from Centre Pompidou and the other half from Southeast Asia. This special exhibition is also the inaugural exhibition at the Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery. Reframing Modernism challenges the existing paradigm on the presentation of the modern painting, visitors inside the Reframing Modernism exhibition are invited to connect with the artworks, to draw their own personal connections and conclusions, about the history of modernism and the development of art in Southeast Asia. This unique exhibition, Reframing Modernism, gave me a lot to view, think and connect. It felt mysterious, at times mind blowing, I hope to visit again and re-connect with the artworks again.


Reframing Modernism exhibition will be at the Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery, located at City Hall Building Level 3 until 17th July 2016. Admission charges into Reframing Modernism exhibition are at $15 and $25 for Singaporeans and Non-Singaporeans respectively. For more information, do visit the National Gallery Singapore website! I strongly encourage you to visit Reframing Modernism and the other art galleries as well!

After visiting Reframing Modernism, I went up to the roof top terrace on the 6th floor, namely Padang Deck and Coleman Deck. This two spots had some great views of both modern and historical Singapore. It’s simply amazing, it’s so beautiful. I want to come back again to the Padang Deck and Coleman Deck, to capture the views of modern and historical Singapore at different times of the day, morning, afternoon, evening sunset and night landscapes.


It was a fun night of Gallery After Hours at the National Gallery Singapore. Visiting art galleries, food, drinks and music performances, a fun time for friends to get together, visit National Gallery Singapore and have a fun night! I would plan and visit National Gallery Singapore again, for Reframing Modernism and landscape photography from the Padang and Coleman Decks.

I would like to thank National Gallery Singapore for the invitation to Gallery After Hours!

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  1. I like the new layout a lot. Keep up the great photowork!

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