Personal Projects for 2016

The turbulent start to my year 2016 had kind of mellowed down and over the past two months in March and April, I slowly regained my composure, thoughts, emotions and thinking. Photography does help me a lot, a form of getaway and therapy from all those bad, harmful thoughts and emotions. In the first quarter of the year 2016, my photography projects and plans were put on hold while I sorted things out.

I pulled myself out from the bottom pit, I am back on my feet, ready to return back to my personal photography projects and starting my own photography business, as some of my friends said, “Finally! You are doing it!”. When the time is ripe, I would share more on my photography business, a lot of thinking and strategic planning had been put in place, the execution and action phase is coming up soon. My personal photography projects are concurrent with my photography business, to ensure that I do not be jaded by “photography work” and my passion of photography documentation/photojournalism continues to motivate me in a different manner and perspective.

In this post, I would like to share on my personal photography projects that I would to cover in 2016. I am doing more photography and documentation for my different personal photography projects, therefore, there might not be a photo book being planned for year 2016 at this point in time. If there is a change and a photo book is going to be produced, I would share the news.

Here are my personal photography projects for the rest of 2016 ~

Rochor Centre

The final countdown has started for this 4 iconic HDB blocks in the Bugis/Rochor area. While I had already done photography and documentation in the past few years, I still wanted to do something more before they are totally demolished and gone forever into history books, archives, our SGMemory.



Another area that is also on the final countdown, once a former cemetery, the graves were exhumed and the lush greenery remains, attracting a lot of migratory and resident birds. This lush greenery will be gone, demolished, to make way for public housing estate in the near future.


Central Catchment Nature Reserve

Our primary rainforest is in the limelight with the Cross-Island subway line plans for the future. They were planning to cut through the primary rainforest and in my personal opinion, it will affect our natural water supply beneath it, the wildlife and primary rainforest above it. I really hope they would do a diversion instead, skirting around the edge of the rainforest. My plan is to trek, photograph, document and share as much as possible of the lush greenery, wildlife and surroundings, to tell people how precious and important our Central Catchment Nature Reserve is, for the sake of our future generations.

Heritage, Old Places, Old Trades Photography and Documentation 

For this particular area of interest, it’s a huge area and I would probably go more in detail in a dedicated post by itself in the near future. An area that I might look into are the old trades and businesses.

Dragon Scout Group 95th Anniversary (95th anniversary in year 2017) Photo Book

In 2007, I was involved in the Dragon Scout Group 85th Anniversary celebrations, partially involved in the 85th Anniversary book. Fast forward and in year 2017, it will be my alma mater 95th Anniversary celebrations! I am involved in the 95th Anniversary Photo Book and the preparation starts in year 2016.

Photoblog theme refresh and seeking new Photography Business website

My wordpress theme for this photoblog of mine had served me very well over the years. 2016 is the 10th anniversary of my photo blogging, I think it is time to rejuvenate the template and layout, it’s time for a new refresh, a new start. The content will still be as great as before, if not even better! I am now seeking a suitable photography theme wordpress template for my photoblog and concurrently, another different photography theme wordpress template for my photography business. Now is the time!

While I am writing this last paragraph to wrap this article that I wrote, the topics and contents might be quite a big load to digest. Thank you for taking time to read my post! If a photograph speak a thousand words, visit my Flickr collection and the above topics that I wrote can be found there!

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