Kite Festival Singapore 2009

Kite flying is a popular cultural and recreational event in Asia, when I was a young school kid, I remembered making my own kite as part of my art and craft lesson ! Well, kite flying today has advanced as well and the designs were getting better, trendier and more colourful ! Kite flying is suitable for all ages and everybody, making it a fun and enjoyable event for all to enjoy !


The NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2009 was presented by Act 3 International and it was held at West Coast Park on the 29th August and 30th August 2009. More details about the NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2009 can be viewed HERE ! This event attracted a great turnout and the car parks were packed and fully occupied, it attracted people of all ages and nationalities, coming down together for 2 days of fun, kite flying and entertainment.


I went today to West Coast Park, 29th August 2009, and the beautiful clear blue sky were filled with many different types of kites and designs flying high up in the beautiful clear blue sky! The crowds and kites set the mood to be fun and enjoyable, along with performances and activities, for everybody. Regardless of kite size and design, it was the fun and atmosphere that made the NTUC Income Kite Festival 2009 a great event.


Moving around taking photos of different kites flying in the clear blue sky, nice weather for outdoor events, switching between my telephoto lense (70-200mm f4 L) and wide angle lense (17-40mm f4 L), it gave me a happy and relaxing feeling, back to my youngster days of fun and play ! Walking around happily snapping away beautiful memories, many participants there enjoying themselves too. Soon the kites filled up the sky and it was an awesome view !! Check out my Flickr set for more photos of NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2009 !


After a few rounds of walking around, I went to sit down along the West Coast Park esplanade, enjoying the sun sets down on me while enjoying the kite flying in the sky, a tranquility of peace, fun and relaxation.


Hope you folks enjoy kite flying just  as I did today !


  1. What a great day, such a shame we missed it. I remember watching the locals in Beijing flying home-made kites, such a relaxing and enjoyable pastime. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want to fly kite too!! Honestly, I never fly a kite before at this age haha! Should not be an expensive activities right. Anyone want to organise? Mr Tan?

  3. Oh, I love this game!

    My father would make a beautiful kite for us every spring when we were little child. 😀

  4. Oh..It was still on? I didn’t go there cos my side was raining damn heavily on Sunday, 30th. And I had something on that Saturday.

  5. I enjoy watching kites flying every day from my windows here in Sengkang, there are many beautiful kites flying in the sky almost every afternoon…

  6. Author

    Hi Milly,

    Kite flying is indeed a fun and relaxing event, enjoyed by many people !

    I believe this event would come back again next year ! Do keep a lookout for it !

  7. Author

    Hi Jack

    Kite flying is not an expensive hobby, unless you choose the bigger and beautifully designed kites !!

    Yeah !! Let’s go kite flying one day & have fun !!

  8. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Really beautiful to have a kite made by your dad !!

    Yeah, kite flying is fun !! Don’t we all love it !!

  9. Author

    Hi Cashmere

    The kite event was on 29th and 30th, I went on the 29th and the weather was great ! 30th was really wet across Singapore !!

  10. Author

    Hi Gypsy Lala

    Sengkang does have a nice area for kite flying and many kite fliers go there regularly !

    You must have a great view of the kites flying !

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