Let’s Get Closer to Esplanade – You, Me and Esplanade

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, located in the heart of the Marina Bay area, has established herself as a performing arts centre and the Esplanade is an internationally recongnised iconic landmark with her unique feature, the cladding. Since her opening on 12th October 2002, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay had grown in stature over the years since her opening.

I confessed that I am not the biggest arts fanatic, I do follow some of the arts scenes and performances in Singapore at the Esplanade. I had memories of events at the Esplanade such as BayBeats, da:ns festival, indoor performances at the concourse, artworks and exhibitions.


The scenic 300m long waterfront is one of my favourite spots to admire the beauty of Marina Bay and to capture fireworks during National Day Parades, New Year Eve Countdown and River Hongbao. The Outdoor Theatre is great to catch some nice live performances too!

How would you like to be more involved and be closer to Esplanade and their activities? I had the chance recently to know more about how to get closer to the Esplanade with their Esplanade&Me – Let’s Get Closer program. This program allows you to get closer to the arts and Esplanade to know you better. The program has the White Card and Black Card packages and there are benefits for you to enjoy at the Esplanade. More in-depth details can be found here on the Esplanade website!



We were given an insight of how this program, Esplanade&Me – Let’s Get Closer, is like by going through a tour and attending an event that is similar to how it can be conducted for members of the White Card or Black Card. Firstly, we met and were brought to a tour of Esplanade by our friendly and knowledgable guide to the concert hall, theatre and behind the scenes of the performance area. During the tour, we were able to understand more in-depth of the history, architecture and design of the Esplanade, it’s very interesting and fascinating!



The Esplanade Mall had a number of nice food places that you can patronise and enjoy the food while waiting to attend your arts performance in the late evening. Check out the list of wonderful and delightful eateries that you can eat, drink and enjoy!

After the dinner hosted by our lovely Esplanade hosts, we proceed to the Concert Hall to catch the performance by Noah, the best-selling alternative/rock band from Indonesia. I am a rock and roll/alternative music lover, when I watched and listened to Noah performing a live rock performance, you can feel their passion and emotions in their songs and live concert performance! While I don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia, I really enjoyed their rock music performance! Music is a universal language and rock music is in me, I am kind of able to relate with their style of rock/alternative music, it had some British rock influence in them!

When the concert ended, we had the opportunity to meet with the rock band members of Noah for an autograph and group photography session by their official photographer. This was part of the overall experience that you can enjoy when you are part of the Esplanade&Me program!


Photo: Courtesy of Esplanade

At the end of the experiential experience and fun with the Esplanade&Me program, I had a good idea of what it can offer. The Esplanade&Me program is pretty good and you can consider applying for them, thus allowing you to get closer to Esplanade, their programs, performances and activities.

It’s time, Let’s Get Closer to Esplanade – You, Me and Esplanade.

* I would like to thank Esplanade for your warm hospitality, hosting us and showing us around the Esplanade, and also Belinda Tan for leading and organising thus making this visit possible *

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