There are thirteen editions of Canon PhotoMarathon and I participated in my fifth Canon PhotoMarathon in 2015 (along with over more than 2,600 participants), the thirteen edition of Canon PhotoMarathon (I participated in the years 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013). I always had a fun and great experience in participating Canon PhotoMarathon, a great time to catch up with photographer friends and key partners at Canon PhotoMarathon.



Canon PhotoMarathon is not just about competition and winning the wonderful prizes, it’s also about learning and fun with photography friends. Given a photography theme to shoot within a short period of 3 hours, it’s a pretty big and interesting challenge for all photographers, regardless of the level of photography you are at, whether you are beginner, amateur, freelancer or professional. The time pressure, creativity and relevance are put to the test for any photographer, this “test” will definitely push a photographer higher and that’s where a photographer can improve.

If you have just started learning and exploring photography, Canon PhotoMarathon is a good and fun event to participate with your fellow photographers in a group. Not only can you learn, shoot and challenge yourself, this would give you a great opportunity to make new photography friends and forge a stronger group bonding.

If you have been into photography for a period of time, this might be a good opportunity to test and push your photography level even further, either alone or a with a smaller group of photography friends.

What were the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2015? How challenging and difficult were the themes? These were the themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2015 and the photographs below were my submission for the themes

Theme 1 – Street


Theme 2 – 50:50


Theme 3 – Defy Your Imagination


At the end of each theme, you were able to see how each and every different photographer interpreted each photography theme. This is the beauty of photography, not just on a competitive basis, it’s also on a fun and leisure basis that you can find in the Canon PhotoMarathon.

If you haven’t enter Canon PhotoMarathon before, do keep a lookout for it in the year 2016!

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