Reflections on my Shanghai Holiday

It had been a few weeks since I came back from my Shanghai trip. This holiday was a very much needed personal holiday, no words can describe how much I needed it. Neither would the reasons behind it be written down here.

Travelling to China and witnessing its growth, it dawned upon me how much we can learn from travelling to different countries. The culture, the natural and man-made environment, people, local cuisine and lifestyle. Taking many photographs of the place I visited, gave me many great memories and friendships. The photos I took at the heritage listed/protected Zhou Zhuang and Zhu Jia Jiao Canal Towns were some of the better photographs I have taken since I travelled around for some time. I was happy with my photo taking and I am looking foward to improve my photography skills even further.

Moving foward, I would love to return back to Shanghai for another holiday, date and time to be confirmed. There are still many places in Shanghai and its nearby provinces and cities that I have not visited.

I would love to visit these 2 exotic locations, namely, Bhutan and Tibet. It takes some time to plan, looking for photography companions as well as time and resources allocation.

Thanks for reading my Shanghai holiday trip.

Looking foward to write up on new events that I took recently.

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