The world we currently live in, do you ask sometimes ask yourself, “Is this a real life? Or is this just fantasy?”. How often do you see yourself living in another world that you desire or a Utopian World that exercises and stretches your imagination and fantasy? Have you heard of this place call #Metazomia? All of you will be asking, #Metazomia – What kind of Utopian World is that?

What is #Metazomia all about? 

What is #Metazomia all about? This word comes from two things, the Metaverse and a metaphorical highland region in Southeast Asia. #Metazomia is a whimsical 360° immersive cinematic experience created by award-winning artist Brian Gothong Tan. 

Created from artificial intelligence and inspired by the adventures of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Tan’s cinematic experience looks at what the future may hold. The result: an epic melding of generative art and motion graphics that invite visitors to surrender to the meditative quality of the images.

Now that you know what #Metazomia is all about, please proceed to your start point and embark on your journey into #Metazomia in Station 1.

Embark on your Journey into #Metazomia in Station 1

There are a few different types of artistic mediums/forms, you can choose to absorb everything on offer, or be selective, or none at all, if you decide to do so. I would like to suggest and encourage you to go up close and personal with all different artworks on display.

Take your time to discover, there is no need to rush 

There are photographs, there are also stories, there are slide films, there is also an interactive art form, all you need to do is to step into the yellow circle, observe the image that appears in front of you. 

Take your time to discover, there is no need to rush.  

Interact and Immerse yourself 

Step out, slowly, cautiously and purposely, and step back into the yellow circle again. What image appears in front of you now? What does the image means to you? What is the meaning and message behind the image that is sent to you?   

Check out the photos, the zines with its visual storytelling stories by Kaylene Tan that accompanies the photos by Brian Gothong Tan. Observe closely, are the photos real? Or are they digital artworks? Or they are something else? 

You might have questions going through your mind right now, seeking answers. Take your time to discover, there is no need to rush.  

Oh wait, before you leave for your next station, there are some notes for you to read, from a fellow traveler on the island nation/world of #Metazomia to another fellow traveler. 

Alright, you are now ready to depart for your next Station.

Follow the Yellow Path into Station 2 

Departing from Station 1, a bright yellow path is waiting for you and calling out to you, the time is now for you to board, follow the yellow path into Station 2 and embark on a wandering and wondering journey with intention to discover the different worlds inside this world.

Take your time to discover, there is no need to rush 

You might be wondering, what are they showing on the four walls? Different cinematic worlds are being shown, you would need more time to watch and understand. Take your time to discover, there is no need to rush.  

Interact and/or Meditate, Immerse into the Visual Narratives 

Walk on the yellow path, or step into the yellow circle, you can sit down too if you want. I would like to invite you and try something different from your usual routines, to interact and/or meditate, immerse into the visual narratives that are played in front of you or around you.

What do you see? How do you feel? Search your innermost feelings, pen it down somewhere, you can also share your thoughts and feelings with fellow travelers to the island nation/world of #Metazomia (before your leave 72-13).

Connecting with #Metazomia 

The Metaverse might still be a whole new strange world for many of us, how can we connect a virtual world with the real world? How is it even possible, what would the Metaverse world be really like?

Connecting with #Metazomia by Brian Gothong Tan, brings you into the Metaverse via a mix of arts form and different mediums. We might not have all the answers to the questions, none of us have the answers as the #Metaverse is still evolving, exploring and transforming.   

There is something at #Metazomia that connected with me deeply, on the subject of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the arts and creatives sectors. This topic is on my personal projects list for Year 2023 (from both photographer and technology writer perspectives). 

Chatting with Brian on the topic of AI was enlightening and mind-opening, AI is not going to go away, it would probably gain more traction in our daily work and living. Some artists, photographers, creatives are afraid, we can understand. In a nutshell, it’s all about embracing AI not fearing AI, and how you can adopt, adapt and incorporate them in your artistic and creative workflows. 

#Metazomia by Brian Gothong Tan is an excellent artistic showcase and eye-opener into the world of Metaverse and AI combining together.  

#MetaZomia by Brian Gothong Tan

Exhibition Dates: 2nd to 20th January 2023 (Closed on 9th and 16th January)

Venue: 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239007

Ticketing Information:

Available at Peatix: 

Available at Klook: 

Usual price: $23 per pax

Special prices to #Metazomia! 

$20 per pax (Use Promo Code: META20)

$18 per pax for groups of 4 and above (META18 – before 11th January 2023)

$15 per pax for students/NSFs/seniors (META15)

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