Canon launched new 4K XA Series Professional Video Cameras and new Cine-Servo Lens. The XA Series professional video cameras are the compact and lightweight XA65/XA60, and the high-image-quality XA75/XA70, the new Cine-Servo Lens are the CN8 x 15 IAS S/E1 (EF mount) and CN8 x 15 IAS S/P1 (PL mount), the newest additions to the company’s CINE-SERVO series1 of EF Cinema lenses. 

Canon 4K XA Series Professional Video Cameras

Canon’s XA Series professional-use camcorders, the compact and lightweight XA65 (1) /XA60, and the high-image-quality XA75 (1) /XA70, deliver the high image quality and high mobility required for on-location videography in fields such as broadcasting, reporting, documentary, and event shooting.

The newly announced XA75 and XA70 models inherit the same high performance of their predecessor models (2), while adding new support for UVC (USB Video Class) communication protocol that enables video transfer via USB connection. With this new feature, the cameras are better suited for use in the increasingly popular field of livestreaming, for video shooting and content creation. 

XA75 and XA70

The XA75 and XA70 are equipped with a 1-inch CMOS sensor and a DIGIC DV 6 image processor. Featuring a 4K-compatible 15x optical zoom lens with a zoom range from approximately 25.5mm at the wide end to approximately 382.5mm at the telephoto end (3), both support high-quality 4K/30p video capture across the entire zoom range.

The large sensor enables capture of video footage with exquisite background blur and bright, high-sensitivity recording with minimal noise in low-light environments. What’s more, thanks to Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, the XA75/XA70 achieves smooth, high-performance autofocus and subject tracking during shooting. Even during 4K shooting, when precision is crucial, intuitive touch panel operations enable quick and accurate focusing. 

XA65 and XA60

The XA65 and XA60 are equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor and a DIGIC DV 6 image processor, along with a 4K-compatible 20x optical zoom lens, all in a compact and lightweight body measuring approximately 109 mm (W) x 84 mm (H) x 182 mm (D) and weighing approximately 750g (4). The camera supports 4K/30p image capture across the entire zoom range—from approximately 29.3mm at the wide end to approximately 601mm at the telephoto end (3). What’s more, data from the 4K sensor can also be utilized for Over Sampling HD Processing to record high-resolution Full-HD/60p video. 

These new cameras are the first in Canon’s XA series to feature UVC compatibility, which allows high-image-quality streaming with just a single USB (Type-C) cable. In addition, the cameras are equipped with a large and bright electrostatic capacitance-type LCD touchscreen monitor, measuring 3.5 inches and 2.76 million dots, as well as a 0.36-inch, 1.77 million dots tilted Electronic View Finder (EVF) for improved visibility during outdoor shooting. What’s more, there is a digital zoom function for greater zoom range and a “text overlay” On-Screen Display (OSD) function that displays information such as date and timecodes overlaid on captured visuals, for greater flexibility in all kinds of shooting scenarios. 


  • (1) Only the XA75 and XA65 are equipped with an SDI terminal. 
  • (2) The XA55 and XA50. 
  • (3) 35mm film equivalent. Does not include Dynamic Mode when image stabilization in use.  
  • (4) Does not include lens hood, clip belt, lens cap or handle.  

New Canon Cine-Servo Lens

Canon announced the launch of the CN8 x 15 IAS S/E1 (EF mount) and CN8 x 15 IAS S/P1 (PL mount), they are the latest additions to Canon’s CINE-SERVO series (1) of EF Cinema lenses.

The new Canon Cine-Servo lens feature high optical performance that supports use with 8K cameras equipped with large-format sensors, the new EF Cinema lenses realize a focal length of 15mm at the wide-angle end, 8x optical zoom and a built-in 1.5x extender.

The lenses inherit the characteristics that have made the Cine-Servo series popular among users, while meeting demand for a wider focal length. In addition to the rich visual expression only possible with large-format sensors, the lenses realize a compact and lightweight design for shoulder-mounted operation, and is also standard-equipped with a removable drive unit.

Thanks to its ability to cover a wide range of focal lengths while also supporting both cinema-level image quality and broadcast-style video production, these versatile new lenses can be used in scenarios such as TV and commercial filming, live studio production, sports broadcasting and more. 

The CN8 x 15 IAS S/E1 and CN8 x 15 IAS S/P1 can be mounted on cameras equipped with large-format (Super 35mm equivalent) sensors, providing a focal length range of 15-120mm through high optical zoom. In comparison to their predecessor models (2), the lenses realize improved performance in a more compact and lightweight design that enhances mobility and enables easier shoulder-mounted operation. 

By using the built-in 1.5x extender, the CN8 x 15 IAS S/E1 and CN8 x 15 IAS S/P1 can toggle to a focal length range of 22.5-180mm. Thanks to an expanded image circle, the lenses can be used with 35mm full-frame sensor cameras, such as Canon EOS C500 Mark II (released in December 2019) and EOS R5 C [3] (released in March 2022) digital cinema cameras. With such broad support for large-format sensor cameras, the lenses support video production for users who demand cinematic visuals with shallow depth-of-field. 

On Big Film Studio Professional Crew Shooting Period Costume Drama Movie. On Set: Director Controls Cameraman Shooting Green Screen Scene with Two Actors Talented Wearing Renaissance Clothes Talking

In addition to supporting 12-pin serial communication protocol standard used by broadcast camera systems, the lenses also support communication functions via the lens mount. The CN8 x 15 IAS S/E1 supports EF mount communication (4), while the CN8 x 15 IAS S/P1 supports the /i Technology protocol designed by Cooke Optics, as well as eXtended Data technology from ZEISS. With the capability to externally output a wealth of lens information to the camera via the lens mount during filming, the new lenses contribute to greater efficiency not only during recording, but also in VFX5 and post-production workflows. 

The CN8 x 15 IAS S/E1 and CN8 x 15 IAS S/P1 will be available from early 2023. 


  • (1)  CINE-SERVO lens refers to a drive-unit-equipped lens compatible with cameras incorporating a large-scale image sensor.  
  • (2) The CN7 x 17 KAS S/E1 and CN7 x 17 KAS S/P1 (released in August 2014) 
  • (3) Requires EF-EOS R mount adapter 
  • (4) May not be compatible with certain camera types. 
  • (5) Visual Effects. A type of visual production in which real-life imagery is combined with computer graphics and other digital technologies.  

* Information and pictures courtesy of Canon Singapore and Gloo *

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