Arts, NFT, photographers, creatives, Web3.0, entertainment and digital media fans alert! ARTAVERSE, known as one of Asia’s largest NFT x ART Exhibition Events, presented by MasterCard and supported by Web3.0 major players such as Animoca Brands, L2 Capital, MetaMask, and MADworld, is coming to Singapore! ARTAVERSE 2.0 (Singapore) happening from 5th to 9th October 2022 in Marina Bay Sands.

ARTAVERSE 1.0 (Hong Kong) took place in June 2022, they have successfully allowed visitors to experience an all-immersive exhibition. The event facilitated the exploration of multifarious interesting activities to interact with digital art exhibits, explore the blend of art and technology. The ARTAVERSE team is established by Right Grace Entertainment, Yiu Wing Live Co.Ltd and Bold Asia in 2022. ARTAVERSE, the first/largest outdoor NFT x Local Art Exhibition was hosted for the first time in June 2022, and is officially sponsored by Mastercard, whilst receiving strong support from more than 100 partners.

For ARTAVERSE 2.0 (Singapore) happening from 5th to 9th October 2022 in Marina Bay Sands, ARTAVERSE is officially partnering with local talent XD Media as co-organiser along with Dify and Emerge eSports as their Stage an Media partner. Through all these collaborations with local expertise, these would enable the ARTAVERSE 2.0 (Singapore) event to have a success level relative to the earlier ARTAVERSE 1.0 (Hong Kong) event which saw over 50,000 people in attendance.

Art x Tech @ ARTAVERSE

The core theme on ARTAVERSE is Art x Tech, the collaboration between Art and Technology, along with all its subsets. The Art-Tech aspect of the exhibition would broaden the focal point to include along Music related art, Voxel art, Local Art, Virtual economy and more. This would also assist in promoting the seamless integration between Art and Technology and also inspire more members of public to join along this evolution into the Art x Tech sphere. 

Through ARTAVERSE, the team also wishes to encourage a new generation of art fans and lovers to not only understand and comprehend the traditional and digital art – but also to educate them on the concept of Art appreciation and collection, even to the extent of creating some of these memorable art pieces. 

This seamless showcase of collaborations between Art and Tech, through ARTAVERSE, would also allow and enable the creation of a new community of fans – one that encompasses both the Artistic and the Technological aspect. This would open up a plethora of new opportunities to display the prowess of both sectors. 

ARTAVERSE 2.0 (Singapore)

For the Arts, NFT, photographers, creatives, Web3.0, entertainment and digital media fans in Singapore, an exciting list of programs and activities awaits you! ARTAVERSE Singapore initiative is three-pronged: Exhibition, Concert and EDM Party, catering to the local Singapore society.

Youngsters in Singapore into Arts x Technology would love this! These areas of focus will span across 4 days, from 11am to 3am, aptly suited toward the youngsters in recent times. The novel EDM Party will share similarities to ARTAVERSE prior concerts while having an added twist. With nightlife having finally returned to pre-COVID days, people will be able to let loose while interacting with exciting artworks during ARTAVERSE snazzy events. 

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This would be an ideal time for me to launch and go more in-depth into my NFT photography, NFT, digital arts adventure, a complement of Arts x Technology! Do spread this news to your fellow Web3.0, photographers, NFT, creatives and arts friends in Singapore!

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* Information and picture courtesy of ARTAVERSE and XD Media *

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