The word, “Finally” echoes through my mind and thoughts, when I uploaded my final 2nd draft of my 2nd photography zine to MagCloud for a test print/mock up. Finally it has arrived and I can officially give my 2nd photography zine update – final 2nd draft.

Just to recap, in April 2022, I shared an update titled, “Second Photography Zine Update – Review, Edit and Amendments”. Finally, I managed to push it through after some delays, procrastination, juggling between business and content creation.


This is an interim update post that is way overdue on my part, this may not have everything that I would to share at this point in time. More information and details, as well as my own heartfelt personal stories in this journey creating, producing, writing and piecing all the segments together, would be shared and published when I make the official announcement on the launch of my 2nd photography zine.  

What’s going to happen next?

This would be my final review, edit and amendments. For my final 2nd draft, the following steps would take place:

  1. Final layout adjustments and amendments
  2. Whether to go for saddle stitch binding or perfect binding
  3. Lastly, a final look through with another peer review, for the last round of edits and amendments 
  4. Uploading it for official sales/printing (international market)
  5. Visiting Grenadier Press to discuss on local prints

Pricing and Availability (International and local)

I haven’t decide on my selling price for my 2nd photography, once I get the local printing costs, I would be able to determine my selling price.

For my friends and supporters in other countries, it’s quite straightforward. You can purchase it from the MagCloud platform, they would print and deliver the photography zine to your residence. 

For my family, relatives, friends and supporters based in Singapore, I would be making an appointment to visit Grenadier Press and have a chat with them on printing my photography zine. More details on where and how to purchase would be make in due course.

Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

My 2nd photography zine is one of my visual story telling works that meant something deep and personal inside my heart, mind and soul, during a global pandemic period facing so much uncertainties on both professional and personal fronts, and a mixture of personal matters that spiralled me into a pretty dark hole.

The journey to capture and write my visual stories was helpful, grateful and therapeutic. Beyond that, I faced other challenges such as “Nobody is going to buy your works” and many more.

When my 2nd photography zine is ready for official announcement, I would share more, 2 ends of a spectrum, from hurt, disappointments, sweat and tears and pride, to the joy and happiness in another personal photography, writing and creative accomplishment. 

Last but not least, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, to those who supported  and helped me out during those turbulent times. 

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