A special occasion is coming up, you are planning to get for your loved ones a cake. What are your options? Can they do a same day delivery? Can they make it a surprise delivery for you? Yes, with Cake Delivery Singapore, you can do it. Although I didn’t choose the surprise delivery option, I chose Build Your Own Cake by Cake Delivery Singapore. 

Why did I choose to build my own cake? While I do love the single flavour cake, there are many a times that I would want to try as many different flavour/style cakes in an order. When I visited their website and saw that Cake Delivery Singapore has Build Your Own Cake option, I got excited as I would be able to order different flavours/styles of cakes to taste and share with my family and loved ones.

As for my cakes selection, I chose burnt cheesecake, chocolate truffle cake, red velvet cake, ondeh ondeh, mao shan wang chocolate cake and pistachio rose. Cake Delivery Singapore lived up to their promise on freshly baked gourmet cakes, handmade with love. The quality of the cakes were great, tasty and delicious. Personally for me, I like their red velvet cake and chocolate truffle cake. Since taste is very personal and subjective, I would like to invite you to select and build your own cake to decide for yourself which cake style/flavour do you like the most.

Cake Delivery Singapore has a wide variety of cakes selection, whether it’s for a special occasion or cake flavours. They also have other options on their menu, they have sweet treats such as brownies, cookies, cupcakes etc etc. They also have other add-ons such as balloons, flowers and soft toys, ideal gift ideas to go along with your special occasion cake. 

If you are like me, someone who wishes to try as many different cakes as possible instead of just having one big cake of just one type of flavour/style, Cake Delivery Singapore Mixed Size Build Your Own Cake will definitely interest you!

Do share this Build Your Own Cake by Cake Delivery Singapore with your loved ones, family, relatives and friends. Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On! Sharing is Caring!

Remember to visit Cake Delivery Singapore and check them out! 

I would like to thank Cake Delivery Singapore for this build my own cake and cake tasting opportunity 

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