Gaggenau, the leader in luxury kitchen appliances, is pleased to announce a decade of close brand partnership with Chef Stephan Zoisl, Owner of Chef’s Table. With over 300 years of historical milestones, this decade of partnership between Gaggenau and Chef Stephan Zoisl represents progressive innovation and extraordinary experiences through a multitude of culinary collaborations.

Gaggenau x Chef Stephan Zoisl

Gaggenau has partnered with Chef Stephan Zoisl since he started his journey of gastronomic innovation by setting up his own restaurant in Singapore with an impeccably furnished kitchen with professionally-inspired appliances that were vital to bring Chef Zoisl culinary creations to life. 

Gaggenau’s commitment to high precision craftsmanship and unwavering quality has seamlessly aligned with Chef Stephan’s relentless pursuit of culinary excellence over the past decade.

Celebrating a decade of close brand partnership 

To commemorate Gaggenau and Chef Zoisl successful brand alliance, Gaggenau is delighted to present an exclusive two-day event taking place off 27th and 28th July 2023. During this event, aspiring new foodies/users will have the opportunity to witness first-hand, the professionally inspired design and culinary performance that define luxury brand Gaggenau.  

This event is rare and exceptional, they cater to the desires of today’s consumers who aspire to bring a piece of Gaggenau’s 340 year old history into their own living spaces, while experiencing the exceptional capabilities of Gaggenau appliances with a professional guide. Guests will be treated to unique culinary creations, prepared using Gaggenau appliances.

Mr Martin A Jaeger, Head of ASEAN and CEO, BSH Home Appliances Group, said, ‘Gaggenau manufactures kitchen appliances synonymous with exclusive culinary culture and is committed to supporting artisans who are striving for excellence in their field. We are heartened to celebrate a decade of partnership with Chef Stephan Zoisl and he is truly a visionary that shares our dedication to perfection.”

Stephan Zoisl, Owner of Chef’s Table, said, ‘At Chef’s Table, we use the best seasonal ingredients to bring patrons on culinary journeys that excite the senses. To match the pursuit of excellence, our kitchen needs to have precision equipment of uncompromising quality and longevity. Gaggenau has been instrumental in supporting our journey of gastronomic innovation and I look forward to a continued partnership.’

Chef Stephan also unveiled a special menu comprising his eight favourite dishes crafted at Chef’s Table throughout its history, which will only be available for the month of July and August at the restaurant.

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