TGH Photography Visual Storytelling updates (May to July 2023)

Over the past 3 months, I may not have been writing and publishing different visual storytelling articles. I have been out on my own photography adventures, from work, documentation to personal projects. Here is a short round up of my TGH Photography visual storytelling updates (May to July 2023).  

TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production

The Canon EOS R6 Mark II has recently been added to my photography setup, with my Canon EOS 1D X Mark II making way for my new camera. Although I missed my Canon EOS 1D X Mark II, the iconic 1D series that I started to build my photography and visual storytelling. 

The Canon EOS R6 Mark II is amazing with its fast and accurate AF, high FPS, high ISO level control and quality, excellent sensor and processing engine. While I do miss the battery grip of the 1D series, the overall excellence and quality of the Canon EOS R6 Mark II is not making me miss my 1D series as much as I would thought I would be. 

Exploring and Visiting Arts

Exploring and visiting arts around Singapore with the Canon EOS R6 Mark II, it had been a great form of artistic enjoyment and therapy, away from my writing, social media and photography work. Igniting my spark on a new wave at i Light Singapore 2023, SYSNMH Wan Qing Dragon Boat Festival Open House 2023, following House of VSE Your Neighbour Artist Exhibition around Singapore (and still ongoing), heritage and cultural events Qixi Festival and NHB Racial Harmony Day 2023. 

Exploring my own backyard

The months of June to July 2023 are usually scheduled with NDP 2023 rehearsals taking place on the weekends, allowing us to photograph the NDP 2023 rehearsals action and fireworks taking place around the Marina Bay area. The NDP 2023 rehearsals were an excellent opportunity to put the Canon EOS R6 Mark II to the test.

I was also exploring the new HDB blocks in my neighbourhood, discovering new sky parks and views. Besides that, I was also chasing sunsets and super moon with a super telephoto zoom lens Sigma 150-600mm.  

Of course, getting into outdoors and nature, it had always been a form of therapy and relaxation for me. Sometimes, adding wildlife photography into my outdoors outing and exploration together as well. 

Always on the lookout for value for money 2nd hand camera accessories  

I am always on the lookout for value for money 2nd hand camera accessories and peripherals. Some of them were slowly added over time to build up my setup, while some were replacements for my photography accessories.  

I discovered this brand Wotancraft not too long ago, I admired its quality, as well as how much consideration they placed on the designs and concepts around photographers and travellers. I got myself a Wotancraft Trooper (Medium) as my own birthday gift earlier in Q1 2023.

I had invested in a number of Think Tank products, although I gave away my Shape Shifter version 1, I found a Naked Think Tank Shape Shifter 17 v2.0 at a good price and I quickly grabbed this opportunity. Since I am expanding my Think Tank setup, I have also added more different types of Think Tank pouches along the way. 

Leofoto – A brand that I have also discovered and looking into. They have a great range of quality products for photographers. The first product that I got was the Leofoto MC-50 clamp. Moving forward, I am planning to add a few more products from Leofoto! 

Upcoming visual stories

Here are some of my upcoming visual stories. Do keep a lookout for them, coming soon! 

  • Shout Gallery SG x Ceramication Slip-casting workshop: Keen to make your own tea cups, tea pot set? Don’t miss this!
  • Canon camera reviews: Working on a few Canon camera review articles, keep a lookout!
  • Roastelier by Nescafe – For cafe owners and also those who love coffee, 
  • Living Pictures @ National Gallery – Photographers would find this diverse and eye-opener photography exhibition filled with history and iconic visual stories. 

Also coming soon, a special theme/content article on the impacts of AI on photography and creative industries, part of my ongoing TGH Technology Research/Learning Series on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“Forget it and move on”

I took a break from social media for a few days, as I was feeling disappointed in something that only very few people will know what happened. 

“Forget it and move on”, an advice that was shared with me. 

Therefore, I will continue with my ongoing work, craft and visual storytelling, seeking progression and improvements in my journey. 

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production *

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