Ignite Your Spark on A New Wave at i Light Singapore 2023

An iconic festival around Marina Bay Singapore that started back in 2010 as i Light Marina Bay 20210 when I first attended the i Light event (check out my i Light (Singapore / Marina Bay) photos collection on Flickr), this has grown over the years into the i Light Singapore festival that we know about today. Welcome back i Light Singapore 2023, taking place at Marina Bay Singapore from 1st June to 25th June 2023, let’s ignite your spark on a new wave at i Light Singapore 2023.

i Light Singapore 2023 Theme – A New Wave

i Light Singapore 2023, presented by DBS, theme for this year is A New Wave. Using light not not just as a wave that expands and radiates energy in all directions. it’s also a language, a form of communication that give rise to a range of emotions. 

i Light Singapore 2023 will explore the colour “Blue”, when you explore the various artworks on display around Marina Bay. The Blue colour wavelength is strong in the Force that brings you cool tones, vibes and different states of emotion – of calm and serenity. 

Light artworks on display at i Light Singapore 2023

I visited all of the 14 light artworks on display at i Light Singapore 2023. If you like to know more about the particular artist, the inspiration behind their artwork, you can visit i Light Singapore website to find out more or you can read more about them at the information booths at each artwork location.

Glacier Dreams

Tree Man



< To be updated accordingly!>

Symphony 1

Block Party

the things left unsaid 

Light Anemones


Trumpet Flowers 



Show III


i Light Singapore photography and exploration tips 

  • You might want to bring your tripod along for long exposure shots composition of the artworks, the choice is yours
  • Bring a few lenses – wide angle zoom and a mid telephoto zoom lenses would give you different views and perspectives when engaging and photographing the artworks 
  • Catch the light artwork projection on the ArtScience Museum during the evening blue hour time, that gives you a different background colour and feel 
  • Wear comfortable shoes (You would be walking quite a fair bit)
  • Wear comfortable clothes (It can be pretty hot and humid at times)
  • Bring a water bottle and remember to hydrate
  • Split up your i Light Singapore visit over a few nights, maybe one visit on a weekend, the other visit can be on a weekday

Ignite Your Spark on your DBS Journey at i Light Singapore 2023 

DBS makes a return as the presenting sponsor of i Light Singapore 2023, Asia’s leading sustainable light festival, part of DBS ongoing efforts in and around the Marina Bay area to give back to the community, including the recent launch of a multi-year partnership with Esplanade to provide more experiences for people to visit, discover, enjoy and express themselves. 

DBS invites i Light Singapore 2023 festival goers to “Ignite Your Spark”, to bring out the best in themselves and to Pay-It-Forward to help shape a better, brighter world. There would be fun games designed around themes of self-care, sustainable living, being future-ready, all relatable themes of today. There are also instagrammmable visual installations, including artwork that will be recycled later and be given a new lease of life, and stage performances by local talents who shine through despite their disabilities, among other experiences.Pay I

Ignite Your Spark on your DBS passport journey at i Light Singapore 2023, you can easily access just by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. An interactive journey begins for you whereby you would be challenged to collect 4 digital stamps on your DBS Passport, by participating in various experiences at Blumiwave and within the DBS Zone.

Blumiwave at Mist Walk is an artwork that aims to raise awareness of blue energy, an alternative renewable energy source that is harnessed from the sea and river waters. Created by local artists from DP Design, the “crashing” waves of Blumiwave are made of a carefully weaved fabric of safety nets and scaffolding from salvaged from construction sites. 

All plastics used in the construction of Blumiwave will recycled by Magorium after this festival is over. Magorium is a social enterprise supported by DBS Foundation, they convert plastic waste into sustainable construction called “NEWBitumen”, which can be used to pave eco-roads. “NEWBitumen” was also used in paving the driveway of DBS Newton Green, Singapore’s 1st Zero building by a bank.

[ Information courtesy of DBS Media Centre ]


The Festival Village of i Light Singapore, GastroBeats is a month long celebration of eating good good, listening to good music and having good fun, bringing the community together and showcasing local culture diversity. 

For more information on GastroBeats, please visit https://gastrobeats.com.sg/  

DBS Zone at GastroBeats 

Check out the key highlights at DBS Zone at GastroBeats where many exciting activities await the i Light Singapore 2023 festival goers!

  • Find Your Spark
  • Eco Row and Glow
  • Money Matchmaker
  • Made for Travel
  • POSB Money Smarts

Also look out for 

  • Live performances by the community every Friday and Saturday
  • Transform food waste into animal feed and fertilisers by Ento Industries (a business for impact supported by DBS Foundation) 
  • Explore sustainable fashion at DBS Zone by Fashion Pulpit (a social enterprise) 

For more information on DBS participation at i Light Singapore 2023 and GastroBeats 2023, please visit https://www.dbs.com/live-more-by-the-bay/ilight-singapore.html

My i Light journeys over the years

Going back in time, here are my i Light journeys over the years that I visited, photographed and documented over the years. 

i Light Marina Bay

i Light Singapore

  • i Light Singapore 2019 (photos)
  • i Light Singapore 2022 (photos)
  • i Light Singapore 2023 (article | photos)

I would get back into my archives for 2019 and 2022, curating photos from the 2019 and 2022 i Light Singapore editions and upload them into my i Light Singapore / i Light Marina Bay collection on Flickr.

Visiting and photographing i Light (Singapore / Marina Bay) journeys since 2010 had been an interesting visual storytelling journey for me with my camera, capturing the growth, changes, not just in Marina Bay Singapore, on the areas of sustainability and recycling and artworks depicting those key areas that the world is looking at, and having a stronger and more urgent emphasis in this current climate.

I hope that i Light Singapore 2023 can Ignite Your Spark on A New Wave inside you in the areas of sustainability, sustainable living and habits in our daily life and work.  

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production *

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