Are you a photographer, traveller, videographer, content creator, or new age work from anywhere coupled and constantly on the move workforce? Do you have a variety of different bags e.g. a backpack each for work, travel, a number of different photography bags, messenger bags etc at home or in office for your professional and leisure usage? Do you wish that you can have a  package that can combine all your above requirements together? With the introduction of the Zipble Bag – A multi-functional and multi-purpose bag that can transform into a backpack, messenger bag or carry on bag with its modular design.

How did the Zipble Bag come about?

Inspired by a group of photographers, travellers and content creators looking for a bag that could meet all their different needs and requirements, yet able to provide the right combinations of style, function and design.

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What are the key features of Zipble Bag?

The Zipble Bag is a custom-made bag that would be really perfect especially for those on the move. The key features of Zipble Bag composed of three panels whereby you have the ability and versatility to detach, modify, and configure the three panels based on your needs and requirements. 

Tech – Not just for techies, also for the daily busy user 

More than just your usual laptop bag, it’s versatile! Which is your preferred carrying style? Is it sling or carry-on? You can have the option with this Tech Panel! Being a modern techie, or the daily busy user, you would have a number of different technology accessories and peripherals that you regularly bring out can be stored inside the Tech Panel.

More information on the Tech Panel can be found here: 

Snapshot – For photographers, filmmakers and content creators

Designed with the photographer in mind, great for travellers too! This has a bottom cushion to protect your camera and lenses against knocks and scratches. The camera dividers protecting and holding your camera and lenses have more grip, thanks to the Velcro strips on each side.

If you have quite a number of photography accessories to carry, don’t worry there is plenty of room, four packets in the front panel and three compartments in the back.

This Snapshot panel has three accessible compartments on the sides that allows you to have easy access. There is an expanding pocket, a retractable kitchen pocket, and a huge mouth opening pocket, protecting a photographer’s expensive equipment while on the move. 

More information on the Snapshot panel can be found here: 

Expand – When you need to expand to carry more 

The extension bag that is expandable with additional compartments that allows you to bring other equipment, gadgets, peripherals, devices and any other related items. 

More information on the Expand Panel can be found here: 

Is the Zipble Bag truly multi-functional, multi-purpose backpack for me? Where can I purchase the Zipble Bag?

As a commercial photographer, that also does travel photography, visual storytelling and video (YouTube and TikTok) content creation, a technology writer and content creator, I have quite a few different types of bags at home. Sometimes, I wish that there is one all-in-one solution backpack that is modular, that can be detached and configured to my requirements and needs. This Zipble Bag looks to fit my requirements and needs for my different business and creative segments.

Whether you are a photographer, traveller, videographer, content creator, or new age work from anywhere and constantly on the move workforce, do check out this multi-functional and multi-purpose Zipble Backpack! Visit Zipble Bag website for more information and updates!

Do you wish to be the first mover for this multi-functional and multi-purpose Zipble backpack?  You can order your very own Zipble Bag here!

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