Really Cool Airlines, a recently-announced new Thai carrier airline, launches exclusive ReallyCool US Digital Membership, the first of many planned innovations announced by CEO Patee Sarasin on 22nd May 2023. This is a groundbreaking, interactive app-based program that allows members to tailor their travel experiences at an unbeatable value. For a limited time, early adoptees of the ReallyCool US Digital Membership will enjoy an exclusive array of once-in-a-lifetime benefits from Really Cool Airlines, via the “The Legendary Series”.

“The Legendary Series”

The Legendary Series, as this limited offer is called, is available only to 999 members worldwide. They features a variety of money-saving features and surprises designed to delight today’s international traveller. For those who show support for Really Cool Airlines at this early stage, members are rewarded not only by tangible benefits, they can also enjoy the excitement of seeing Really Cool Airlines grow and expand its network in coming years.

The estimated value of the benefits in The Legendary Series is USD$15,000. If you choose to be an early supporter, again only 999 worldwide, you will pay only USD$6,000 for a block of benefits that includes:

  • 2 free Super Cool seats round trip to any destination Really Cool Airline flies, with no expiration date (Super Cool seats are the Airline’s equivalent of business class seats) 
  • 2 vouchers for 50% off when buying return Super Cool seats, available for any destination on the network, a benefit that is awarded every year for life 
  • 2 free upgrades to Super Cool seats when buying return Cool Seats (economy) to any destination in the network, another benefit that is awarded every year for life 
  • And “Surprise Drops” from partners, which will include free hotel rooms, airport transfers and free car rentals 

(Terms and conditions apply) 

While this limited-time Legendary Series has an attention-getting suite of cost-saving benefits, CEO Patee stresses that the overall Digital Membership Program will meet the needs of all Really Cool Airline customers, and delight them all, no matter when they join. CEO Patee also adds that as Really Cool Airline continues to grow, the benefits and capabilities offered by the ReallyCool US Program will continue to expand.

Really Cool Airlines CEO, Mr. Patee Sarasin says “I am incredibly excited to unveil the ReallyCool US Digital Membership program, the world’s first membership program in the airline industry. This groundbreaking initiative is a testament to our ongoing commitment to enhancing the travel experience for our customers. With only 999 exclusive Legendary Series memberships available globally, we are offering a truly unparalleled opportunity to elevate your travel lifestyle. By offering a truly unique opportunity, we are redefining the way our customers travel and ensuring they enjoy the best that the aviation industry has to offer.” 

CEO Patee also disclosed that Really Cool Airlines plans to commence flying in Q2024. The initial flight routes in Asia are likely to include Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with European routes added the following year.

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* Information and pictures courtesy of Really Cool Airlines and Full Circle PR *

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