McDonald’s® presents all-day McGriddles®, starting from 17th February 2020! Fans of McDonald’s® McGriddles®, time to rejoice and enjoy this favourite that’s part sweet, part savoury and absolutely delicious McDonald’s® food, whenever you like, whether in the morning or late out at night!

Sausage McGriddles® with Egg, from $5.40 a la carte, or $6.00 as an Extra Value Meal™

Sausage McGriddles®,  from $4.50 a la carte, or $5.10 as an Extra Value Meal™

NEW! McGriddles® Stack, from $6.20 a la carte, or $7.10 as an Extra Value Meal™

In between two maple-flavoured griddle cakes, is a chicken sausage, combining savoury comfort with sweetness in every bite, that you can choose from Sausage McGriddles® or the Sausage McGriddles® with Egg paired with a sunny-side-up egg and creamy cheese. There is something new! McGriddles® Stack! Double the delight with two tender chicken patties packed between griddle cakes, with melted cheese, a sunny-side-up egg and crispy chicken bacon!

Available at all restaurants, via McDelivery® and GrabFood, get a dose of McGriddles® goodness at any time (or all times) of the day, while stocks last.

Chocolate Pie,  from $1.50

The Chocolate Pie is back! Filled with rich molten chocolate encased in a warm, crackling crust, the Chocolate Pie is sure to satisfy every last chocolatey craving. Grab your favourite pie after breakfast hours at all restaurants, Dessert Kiosks and via McDelivery® and GrabFood, available from $1.50, while stocks last.

Starting from 20th February to 18th March 2020, McDonald’s® is launching 28 days of on my My McDonald’s® App, starting with a Deal of the Year that will make your day a good one!

Enjoy 28 days of irresistible deals, exclusively available on My McDonald’s® App

Look for 1-for-1 deals on McDonald’s® popular breakfast favourites, from the Big Breakfast and Filet-O-Fish to Family Bundle C, just nice for the March school holidays! Remember to download My McDonald’s® App and start to enjoy your McDonald’s® meals!

Do share this information on all-day by McGriddles® by McDonald’s® with your family, loved ones, friends and colleagues! Pass It On and Pay It Forward!

* Information and pictures courtesy of McDonald’s® Singapore and Golin *

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