The Sudio Fem true wireless earphones was launched in December 2019. I had the opportunity to review them recently! As part of my review, I did a product photography for the Sudio Fem earphones! Looking back, I previously did a photo shoot for Hpility with their Sudio Vasa Bla wireless bluetooth earphones and Sudio Regent wireless headphones, as well as for the Epiphany Duplet Tiffany and Peps, in this article on Tiffany’s website, Sudio Review: Tolv VS NIVA | Tretton VS Vasa Blå (Spot the photographs that I shot for them!)

Check out my Sudio Fem wireless earphones photo shoot below!

The above photographs were shot with my Canon EOS-1DX Mark II camera!

For a technical and audiophile review of the Sudio Fem true wireless earphones, do visit my Sudio Fem review article on my technology and business portal/blog!

If you are keen to purchase the Sudio Fem true wireless earphones from Sudio website! Visit Studio website and happy shopping! –

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