Fans of English Sparkling Wine, I would like to share a good news! Nytimber is looking forward to bumper harvest in this period of new social distancing measures following good summer weather! Nyetimber, world-renowned English Sparkling Wine producer is going to harvest grapes from 260 hectares (640 acres) of Nyetimber estate-owned vineyards in West Sussex, Hampshire and Kent, representing the largest areas of harvested vines of any English Sparking Wine producer.

While the global pandemic Covid-19 has caused massive impacts to the world economy, Nyetimber and the English wine industry in general continues to be a UK success story despite the challenges faced during this Covid-19 situation as consumer demand doesn’t show any sign of slowing. Total production increased from 5.9 million bottles in 2017 to 10.5 million bottles in 2019. In terms of sales, 5.5 million bottles were sold in 2019, an increase of 70% over the prior year – and international sales accounted for 10% of this. The total area under vine in the UK now stands at 3,579 hectares, up 83% since 2015. 

Cherie Spriggs, Head Winemaker at Nyetimber commented: “Having embraced the required social distancing measures we are looking forward to a bumper harvest as we have benefitted from good growing conditions this year, in particular the warm and dry summer weather which got us off to a great start. We expect 2020 to once again bear fruit of high quality for our wines.” 

Head Winemaker Cherie Spriggs was named ‘Sparkling Winemaker of the Year’ at the International Wine Challenge 2018 – one of the most highly-regarded wine competitions in the world. She was the first woman as well as the first person outside the Champagne region of France to win this prestigious award. 

Nyetimber is expected to produce around one million bottles from this harvest and forecasts their production level to reach two million bottles within the next few years as more of their vineyards, including the recently planted 42 hectares of new vines in Kent bear fruit. They are also expected to sell two million bottles a year by 2030, marking a significant uplift on current levels.

The lockdown has helped to significantly increase the online sales of Nyetimber via the company’s website as the demand for home consumption has increased and the ability to buy single bottles has appealed to consumers.

The highly skilled pickers of Nyetimber is going to carefully progress across the estate’s vineyards ensuring each bunch of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes is perfectly ripe and of the highest quality, on which Nyetimber prides itself. After each bunch of grapes is carefully picked, they will make their way into Nyetimber’s state-of-the-art pressing centre which incorporates gravity flow to ensure the highest quality of juice is extracted. 

Nyetimber is regarded as the pre-eminent English Sparkling Wine brand and it has been a pioneer of the English wine movement winning multiple international awards. Nyetimber wines are seen as world class, and while its sales have grown significantly in recent years, the growth has not come at the expense of quality.

If you would like to order Nyetimber Sparkling Wine, they are available for purchase online in Singapore from  Analogue Wine Merchants, as well as being poured at some of the most sought-after establishments in Singapore.

Do share this Nyetimber buyer harvest news with your fellow sparkling wine fans, loved ones, family, relatives and friends. I reckon this would make a great drink for your dinners, gatherings and festive celebrations with your loved ones, family and friends.

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