Would you like to try out Sebati Shepherd’s Pie? This was my introduction to Sebati by fellow techie/photographer/Liverpool FC supporter friend Hisham. I thought why not? I can get the chance to try out new food, share my stories and help a new food business through my social media and photography. Now, let me introduce you to Sebati and the Shepherd’s Pies.

The story behind Sebati

A husband and wife team with a vision to spread goodness and empowerment through their delicious cooking/baking, bringing love, joy and celebrations to your home through their fresh and wholesome Shepherd’s Pies and other sweet delights. When you get to taste their bakes and cooking, you can feel their love and passion inside the pies and bakes that they serve.

Sebati Shepherd’s Pie

What do they have? Customers can choose from these four options below:

1) Classic (Fillings: choice of beef or chicken)

2) Black Pepper (Fillings: choice of beef or chicken)

3) All Vege

4) Monthly Special

There are two sizes to choose from, personal and party. For personal size, it’s a 7 x 3 inch aluminium tray, serves 1-2 people, while the party size, it’s a 7 x 7 inch aluminium tray, serves 4-5 people.

What did we order?

After looking through the choices, I decided to go for the All Vege and July Special: Satay Shepherd’s Pie with chicken filling. While I am more familiar with the old school square shaped Shepherd’s Pie, the world of Shepherd’s Pie can come in various shapes and sizes, from round, to square or rectangular in shape.


Sebati Shepherd’s Pie, their crust/topping of mashed potato are really very nicely baked. The softness of the mashed potato is just nice without being too mushy or too dry. The All Vege has broccoli, cheddar and mozzarella cheese and aromatic mirepoix. You can feel and taste the fresh vegetables baked inside this All Vege Shepherd’s Pie, filling and delicious.

As for their July Special Satay Shepherd’s Pie, this combination is very interesting and intriguing, a fusion of local Southeast Asian and Western food, a combination that is not that easy to merge  two different cuisines together. Our satay cuisine in Southeast Asia can have a strong body flavour taste on the meats and not to mention the satay gravy. Sebati July Special Satay Shepherd’s Pie manages to blend them with a good amount of satay flavour taste without overpowering the Shepherd’s Pie.

More than Shepherd’s Pie, they have sweet stuff

Do check out their other selections on their website, they have sweet delights such as double chocolate pie bar, chocoflakes and snowflakes, they look very delicious and it’s tempting me very badly.

Support local food business!

Running my own sole proprietorship photography business, I know how challenging and tough it can be running a small business. I have been supporting food businesses operated by my friends and I try my best to help them in whatever way possible, from tasting, review, social media sharing, food photography projects etc.

Do visit Sebati website and instagram below, check out their menu and order away!


Website: https://www.sebati.sg/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sebati.sg/

I would like to thank SEBATI for this food tasting opportunity and thanks to fellow techie/photographer/Liverpool FC supporter friend Hisham for introducing me to Sebati.

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