Celebrate Singapore Majulah Spirit this National Day 2020

This year 2020, is an unprecedented year arising from the challenges and massive impacts caused by the global pandemic COVID-19. Singapore, like the rest of the world, is facing huge challenges as the nation is navigating its way through this turbulent time and challenges. In this current crisis, Singapore has also show its spirit of tenacity and perseverance from the healthcare and frontline heroes at the ground level to our national level with messages of #TogetherStrongerSG #OurHeartforSG as we head towards National Day celebrations on 9th August 2020. Let’s celebrate Singapore Majulah Spirit this National Day 2020!

On my technology, business and personal portal/blog, I published an article on “Singtel Celebrates Singapore Majulah Spirit with National Day film tribute”, titled “This is the year”, this film acknowledges the pressures and strains that the pandemic has placed on Singapore society, yet this film also pays tribute to the tireless Majulah spirit that is pushing Singaporeans through this storm to emerge stronger.

I was encouraged by this National Day film tribute by Singtel that I decided to Pay It Forward and Pass It On here on my photography and travel portal/blog, through photographs from my own circuit breaker period to National Day Parade 2020 rehearsal photographs, saluting our healthcare and frontline heroes.


Celebrate Singapore Majulah Spirit this National Day 2020, let’s all be #SGUnited together in this battle against the global pandemic Covid-19, let’s celebrate our Majulah spirit and continue our unity during this unprecedented times and turbulent challenges ahead as we countdown towards National Day 2020 on 9th August.

Do share this Majulah spirit National Day film tribute “This is the year”, by Singtel with your family, loved ones, relatives and friends, Pass It On and Pay It Forward.

As a #SGUnited nation with #OurHeartforSG, we can be #TogetherStrongerSG through solidarity and unity, overcoming and navigating our way out of this turbulent crisis.

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