The spring season is upon us! Usually at this time of the year, many of us would be flying off on our beloved spring breaks for our favourite cherry blossom and enjoy some cooler weather. Even though it won’t be the same this year, don’t fear as we would be able to transport you to your Spring holiday from the comfort of your home with these new exclusive products to 7-Eleven! It’s Springtime Fun with 7-Eleven Exclusive Drinks and Snacks!

7-Eleven has put together an array of goodies inspired by the Japanese Sakura season, right down to the packaging, refreshing fruit-flavoured drinks that would sure be able to cater to all tastebuds. There would be also be Japanese beers and snacks to satisfy the travel wanderlust inside you!

Check out the goodies Exclusive to 7-Eleven below:

NESCAFÉ Smoovlatte Sakura Soufflé 268ml 

(Trial Price: 2 for $3 / Usual Price: $1.90 each)

Savour the fresh, floral blend of Arabica coffee with the delicate vanilla-cream flavour of soufflé pancakes in this limited-edition beverage, now available for a limited time exclusively at 7-Eleven!

YANWEE Fruit Milk 220g (Strawberry/Banana/Honeydew/Durian)

(Trial Price: 2 for $3.80 / Usual Price: $2.20 each)

This rich and creamy milk range comes in a variety of tempting fruity flavours. In handy, conveniently sized bottles, they’re great for a breakfast on the go or in your kids’ lunchboxes!

NAMYANG Sparkling Milk 350ml (Original/Strawberry)

(Trial Price: 2 for $3.90 / Usual Price: $2.20 each)

A refreshing drink with a fizzy finish – available in two flavours, you’ll love the combo of its sweet milky taste and invigorating bubbles. Made in Korea.

VITASOY Melon 375ml

(Trial Price: 2 for $2.50 / Usual Price: $1.40 each)

This melon flavoured soy drink is naturally low in fat and non-dairy. With just the right level of sweetness, both kids and adults alike will love this deliciously smooth, fruity-flavoured treat.

ASAHI Mogitate Strong Grapefruit 350ml

(Trial Price: 2 for $12.90 / Usual Price: $6.90 each)

Chuhai is a uniquely Japanese drink made with shochu, a white liquor, mixed with soda. To ensure the fruitiest of flavours, this refreshing citrus cooler contains the juice from only fresh grapefruit harvested within 24 hours!

7-PREMIUM Salty Potato Snack 42g

(Usual Price: $2.50)

These lightly salted crunchy wedges made from premium potatoes are the perfect partner to your favourite soda or even something stronger! Sourced directly from 7-Eleven Japan, they are exclusively available at our stores island-wide.

KIRIN Ichiban Haru Sakura 500ml

(Trial Price: 2 for $10 / Usual Price: $5.30 each)

Brewed from only the first press of genuine malt for a crisp, delicious flavour. Comes in a limited-edition cherry blossom design can. Light and refreshing, you’ll be transported to Japan when you crack open this can!

7-PREMIUM Strong Vodka and Yuzu 350ml

(Trial Price: 2 for $11 / Usual Price: $5.90 each)

Taste the slight tartness and sweetness of yuzu in each and every sip. With 9% alcohol content, this fruity cocktail packs a punch. Kanpai!

NESCAFÉ Iced Caffé Latte 500ml

(Trial Price: 2 for $4 / Usual Price: $2.50 each)

Enjoy this expertly crafted blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, paired with just the right amount of milk to make the perfect iced caffé latte. A caffeine boost that’s ideal for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up!

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Take note! These promotions are valid for a limited time only! Please check in-stores for final promotional price! 

Do share Springtime Fun with 7-Eleven Exclusive Drinks and Snacks with your loved ones, family, relatives and friends, especially those travel wanderlusts who love Japan and spring season. Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, Sharing is Caring!

* Information and picture courtesy of 7-Eleven Singapore and Media Outreach

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