Feasting on the bridge with many different choices of delicious cuisine from 15 restaurants, dining with family and friends under the stars with music and fun, in the heart of the iconic and historic Singapore River. Welcome to the inaugural outdoor pop-up dining concept, The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival!

The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival is taking place from 5th to 9th December 2018, from 6pm to 11pm at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay. From 15 different restuarants participating at the The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival, visitors would be spoilt for gastronomic choices, there is something for everybody visiting this inagural outdoor pop-up dining festival at Clarke Quay!

From a special tasting price range of $10 to $32, visitors can taste and enjoy sample selected signature dishes and curated cocktails. The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival brings together the very best of international cuisine into a street food format that is fitting for Clarke Quay along the Singapore River. There are also cocktails, wine and craft beers that you can select from at this FEASTival that you can pair with your gourmet cuisine dining on the Read Bridge.

I visited The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival on the 5th December, with the wide range of selected menu choices from 15 restaurants, I got the opportunity to taste a few of them and didn’t manage to try out all them! The food photographs that I shared were just the few cuisines that I managed to taste when I was visiting The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival on 5th December!

Let me share some key cuisines to look out for at The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival –

Notable Asian cuisine must-tries include Tsui Wah’s signature pork chop buns ($7.50), East Treasure’s double boiled tonic soup with crocodile meat ($8), Ramen Keisuke Lobster King’s Ramen ($10) and Zouk’s RedTail Bar’s prawn twister with sweet Thai chili sauce ($12).

From the international selection, feast on pork knuckle sliders served with sauerkraut ($8) from newly opened Deutsclander, Bizengyu Japanese grade 3 Wagyu ($15) from The Ranch or Marisco Seafood Paella ($10) from Octapas. Popular street food tacos, burgers, sausages and wraps come in all taste and forms by Cask & Bangers, Cuba Libre, Harry’s Bar, McGettigan’s, Rodizio Do Brazil, Señor Taco, and The Pump Room.

Meeting on the bridge and joining the feast from across the river, Swissotel Merchant Court will be bringing to the table Durian Pengat ($6), an Ellenborough Market signature together with KB Burger or Kong Pak with pork floss, a Hokkien pork belly bun dish but with a twist ($5 for 2 pieces).

* Information via Empower Marketing Asia *

Spread the word and pass it on, to your family, relatives, friends and colleagues! Once you have a group of people, it’s easy to taste and enjoy more different cuisines together, each person can order a few dishes and the group can share them together!

Come on down to The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival and enjoy the very best of international cuisine in a nostaglic street food format in the heart of Clarke Quay along the Singapore River.

More information on The Great Clarke Quay FESTIval can be fouund below

The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival

Dates: 5thto 9thDecember 2018

Time: 6pm to 11pm

Location: Read Bridge, Clarke Quay

Admission: Free

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* I would like to thank Clarke Quay and Empower Marketing Asia for the invitation to The Great Clarke Quay FEASTival *

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