We have officially waved goodbye to the Year of the Tiger, welcoming the new Year of the Rabbit on Sunday 22nd January 2023. Wishing all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year (LNY) 2023!

For this Chinese New Year (CNY) 2023, I didn’t head out earlier to take photos of the Chinatown and River Hongbao CNY light up and lanterns displays. During this two weeks of CNY festive celebrations, I would arrange a few evenings/nights to head out and take photos of the CNY festive season. Therefore, for my Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2023 post, I am using old photos that I shot a few years back.

I wish that everyone would have a good time with their family, relatives and loved ones during this Lunar New Year festive period of reunions and gatherings, especially for those working or living overseas and traveling back to their home town for LNY celebrations. Have a good festive rest break too if you can. 



May the Year of the Rabbit be a good year for you and your family, wishing all great health, peace and safety, great wealth, prosperity and full of abundance. To all those running a business, may this year be a prosperous year for you.


Once again, wishing all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2023!


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