It’s back to media publishing work on Monday 30th January 2023 after a short 9 days of Chinese Lunar New Year 2023 break that started on 21st January, the Eve of Chinese New Year 2023. For this year, I decided that I am not rushing back into just publishing content or media news coverage in photography, camera, travel, tourism and hospitality industries. I have to plan and prioritise the business side of things and content creation side of things. I was supposed to resume my media publishing work for my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog on the 27th January 2023, however there were technical backend hiccups that delayed my return. Here are my list of things to work on (Photography and Travel) – 30th January 2023.

January 2023 started on a pretty hectic pace with Lunar New Year just 3 weeks from New Year and 4 weeks from Christmas 2022 and my birthday falling on the 2nd week of January 2023 (I kind of took a week’s break unknowingly from publishing work). Now is the time to kickstart FY2023 on a proper and formal basis.

Photography business side of things

On the photography business side of things, I have to take on pretty much everything on my own, the amount of weight, stress and pressure on my shoulders can’t be seen.

Getting new business/projects/assignments

  • from my professional and social networks
  • working together with PR agencies, photography agencies

Photo walks planning

I have been working and discussing on photo walks routes in Q4 2022. Finalising my notes, photos, route plans and discussions for final discussion and confirmation before going live. Let’s see where this collaboration brings me.


I have a small group of photographers, filmmakers and creatives that I worked with over the years.  Whenever a project idea springs up in my mind, I would ask them if they are keen to collaborate with me.

For FY2023, I am looking to expand my discussions/chats on further collaborations, such as collaborating with film photography groups (and returning back to film photography).

Time to Back Up

Time to back up photographs and videos

I do regular backup of my photographs and videos that I took, usually every quarter. For Q3 and Q4 2022, I have yet to back up and I am going to start on this. I have my usual workflow, export into respective categorised folders before transferring them into my portable HDD and personal cloud drive.

Curation of photographs 

TGH Photography Portfolio – It’s time for another curation of my photography portfolio website, it’s not just about adding new photographs, showcasing new works, there might also be culling and removal of older portfolio photographs, giving it a refresh as well. 

Next up would be uploading another round of curated photographs into my Flickr collection – This allows me to showcase more different types of photography genres that I shot, that might not necessarily be classified as portfolio.

Writing, Publishing and Printing

Book / Zine ideas 

After publishing and launching my TGH Photography Therapy Zine and Playbook, I have more book / zine ideas and plans for 2023, they are a mix of personal works and possible commercial works. I would share more details in another upcoming article.

Visual Storytelling Topics

Continuing on from where I left off from last year, I am back to covering and writing on special theme topics or those of my personal documentation interests. Some of the topics that I wanted to work on are Dover Forest, new playgrounds versus old playgrounds.

I am also interested and planning to collaboration with creatives/artists from other genres/fields, through Interviews/cross interdisciplinary works and commissioned work if the opportunity arises.

Producing videos for content creation, as well as, producing short video stories/vlogs are on the cards as well. This would definitely take more time, effort and planning. I can probably start with producing Instagram Reels from my current collection of photos and videos.

Review articles 

I am currently working on the Canon EOS R10 review article. Once that is completed, I would then be able to plan and take on other cameras related reviews.

Photography related Articles 

I am expanding my articles writing scope in my photography segment, some areas of interest that I am working on are smartphone photography related and impacts of AI on photography. Stay tuned on these new photography interest topics!

Media news coverage 

I cover and publish photography and camera related media news coverage, along with news from travel, tourism and hospitality industries. 


It’s been a few years since I last traveled out for a holiday, the global pandemic situation in the past 3 years doesn’t help as well. I hope to resume my travel photography adventures and travel story writing again soon, on both personal and professional/commissioned work basis. 

Keeping my fingers crossed for any opportunities that might pop up on my radar. 

On another note, I have a travel writing project that I am going to revive, part of my long term travel story and travel photography project. 

List of things to work on (Technology | Business | Personal)

It’s more than just my list of things to work on listed above, I also have my TGH Technology and Business portal/blog to manage and work on. Just like this article post, I also have a list of things to work on (technology | business | personal) after my CNY 2023 festive break. 



Working in phases/small steps

On top of finding new business/assignments/projects, I have my content creation and writing to handle as well. I am going to start working in phases/small steps, clearing and finishing my things to do and goals.

I shared quite a bit of updates and things to do here for my photography and travel segments. Sometimes I wonder how many people (whether you are in PR, agencies, from the brands or my friends) would read my article and what I shared, in a social media world filled with videos on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram Reels, as well as populated with photos on other social media platforms and chat apps? 

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