Film/analogue photographers, as well as digital photography lovers take note! Introducing the 4th-Generation Regular Edition AURA I’M Fine Single Use Camera. Like it or not, consciously or unconsciously, everyone of us radiates some sort of aura, that will change and influence each other and produce an unexpected effect when two persons meet and build an intimate relationship. This is from such an aura that AURA, 4th-Generation Regular Edition AURA of I’M Fine Single Use Camera, available in both black and white, draws its inspiration. This camera body of I’M Fine becomes a medium of aura transmission and allows aura to flow from the white side to the black side through passage-like patterns, affecting the black body and producing a halo effect.

Since I’M Fine first release in early 2018, this camera has accompanied users to record the bitterness and sweetness of life with three generations of different design concepts. As the 3rd-generation I’M Fine cameras are sold out, the 4th-generation AURA is launched. The white camera body model makes a particularly eye-catching debut. With the AURA I’M Fine camera, it is preloaded with films of a warm tone as usual, you can capture wonderful moments before your eyes by simple operations.

Users Can Record Their Current Moods with Easiest-to-Operate Single Use Film Cameras

“I’M Fine.” This is an answer that can hide different emotions. When you give this answer, are you really fine or are you not well at all? Or is there something difficult to tell even if you are fine? Some emotions cannot be easily expressed, so let photos capture the mood of the moment.

In moments when you are really fine, happy, travelling, at a party, or getting together with friends, you should capture these wonderful memories and unexpected surprises. When you are tired, you can reminisce about these moments and then you will have the motivation to move forward.

A Camera that gives you Touch and Warmth as a Physical Object and a Blank Space to Write about Tenderness 

In this digital technology and digital photography era, film cameras still play a part for photographers, keeping the warmth of physical objects for us. Therefore, the 4th generation edition of I’M Fine continues to retain a space on the back of the packing box, as a place especially designed for gift buyers to express their thoughts and blessings. A handwritten birthday wish of warmth to a friend is more beautiful than sending a message over the phone.

The 4th-Generation Regular Edition AURA I’M Fine Single Use Camera has meticulously designed details. The camera shutter is named as “Freeze a moment”, remaining film count as “Remaining moment(s)”, and the camera flash as “Spark”.

I’M Fine is not a disposable camera, they can also be a form of decoration on your table, be a part of your accessories, a prop in photos, a convenient necessity, and a must-have to record your daily life.

The Camera Accompanies You through Days and Nights with ISO400 Films and Built-in Flash

AURA is preloaded with Kodak ISO 400 color negative films, popular among young users due to their warm tone, and allows users to take outstanding photos even at night with flash.

Meanwhile, with the help of the built-in flash (distance: 1-3 meters), users can clearly record moments either on cloudy days, indoors, or at concerts and keep the photos for later memories.

Pricing and Availability

I’M Fine Single Use Camera – AURA Edition


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Technical Specifications

4th-Generation Regular Edition AURA I’M Fine Single Use Camera

  • Film : 400ISO Color Negative (Made in USA)
  • No. of exposure : 27
  • ISO : ISO 400
  • Flash :1-3 m
  • Processing: C-41 Process
  • Battery : 1 AA Battery (Included)

* Information and pictures courtesy of NINM Lab *

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