Lunar New Year 2024 festive celebrations are over after 15 days of celebrations. You probably have not seen much articles published or even updates on my websites TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog and TGH Technology and Business portal/blog, as well as on my other social media platforms. A mix bag of reasons, I am slowing down on social media whenever possible, as well as doing work behind the scenes, along with discussions and plannings for the year 2024.

A quiet and low key Year of Dragon Lunar New Year 2024 celebrations

Year of Dragon Lunar New Year 2024 celebration was quiet and low key, not showing much on social media platforms. I had a few small gatherings, not many Lou Hei tossing and Lunar New Year dinners. This is probably due to feeling jaded and not having too much of a festive feel for Lunar New Year over the years gone by.   

The slowdown in content creation and publishing articles 

Why is there a slowdown in content creation and publishing articles? A key part of it is the hustle and bustle establishing photography business partnerships/assignments for year 2024 in January and February 2024.  

The month of January 2024 was also a time of spring cleaning that started from November/December 2023, together with inevitable replacement of spoilt/old items with new ones. Year of Dragon 2024 Lunar New Year spring cleaning for me was one of my more extensive/intensive till date, it was somehow deeply satisfying and therapeutic. 

Time to “Ignite” the fire and kickstart Year of Dragon 2024 visual storytelling adventures 

My yearly theme 2024 for my photography, travel, creative and heritage is “Ignite”. The time is now to “Ignite” the fire and kickstart Year of Dragon 2024 visual storytelling adventures. From commercial/business photography, to personal photography projects and heritage projects, this might be a special year 2024 for me on bringing those projects or ideas to life.

Year of Dragon theme personal project ideas

Year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. An idea came into my mind to do Year of Dragon theme personal projects, revisiting my Dragon related projects in the history and heritage fields, adding on a modern Year of Dragon theme with my Lunar New Year 2024 Dragon Lego. Here are some of my Year of Dragon theme personal project ideas: 

  • Lunar New Year 2024 Dragon Lego
  • Dragon Playgrounds (Toa Payoh x 2, Ang Mo Kio)
  • Dragon fountain (Whampoa) 
  • Fire Dragon at Sar Kong Mun San Fook Tuck Chee Temple
  • Lunar New Year 2024 Dragon Lego with Jabra Elite 8
  • Lunar New Year 2024 Dragon Lego with SteelSeries 
  • Lunar New Year 2024 Dragon Lego + epic Sunset 
  • Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group

Personal heritage projects and ideas on the horizon

There are some personal heritage projects on my horizon, the first one is about tracing a segment of my extended maternal family tree history (maternal great grandparents era). I am unable to share more information and details as I need to do more research, understanding and interviews before I decide on my next course of action. 

I recently stumbled upon an interview video by Chronicles Research & Education on the history of Old Clementi. Through a short conversation with them since I had been staying in Clementi district for most of life, a Clementi Heritage Trail is a possibility, it would be nice to be involved or contribute to this project if it comes to life. 

Creative and cross-disciplinary projects 

I would love to produce more creative projects, one of my ideas is to bring out amateur writing, typing them out with typewriter on photographs from my collections, it can be post card style, 4R photo or notebook style.  

I am also exploring new zine / book projects for my visual storytelling adventures that I might undertake this year or from my ongoing personal projects. While I have some themes/ideas in mind, I might have to shortlist and choose 1-2 to work on, as much as I would love to publish more.

On the topic of cross-disciplinary projects with other creative artists from other fields, I always wanted to work on such projects since some years back. Let’s see whether the stars and ideas to align for this to come to life.

More updates along the way

Yes, I have kick-started my Year of Dragon 2024 visual storytelling adventures, that might be some ideas/thoughts that I didn’t manage to write and publish inside this article at that point in time. There would also be updates along the way as and when possible on the developments and stages of my visual storytelling adventures. 

I am also kickstarting Year of Dragon 2024 Technology and Personal Writing Adventures! Have a great Year of the Dragon 2024 ahead!   

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