Analogue/Film photographers alert, are you worried and have reservations about 120 Medium Format (MF) films? Do you wish to see or do something for 120 MF film photography? Lomography has noticed. this growing reservation among the analogue community when it comes to the distinctive and charming 120 MF photography, the spontaneity, speed and instinctive nature of analogue photography. Lomography is rallying a movement among analogue/film photographers, “Let’s Save 120 Medium Format Film Together!”

Don’t let 120 go Extinct!

Film photography is for everyone and analogue photography is spontaneous, fast and instinctive. It’s about light leaks, happy incidents, and unconventional artistic masterpieces. Shooting 120 MF film offers photographers a bigger frame and more room to create, however in recent years, Lomography noticed the wider analogue/film photography community growing increasingly reserved about this distinctive and charming 120 MF.

120 MF film declared Endangered Species by Lomography

Lomography doesn’t want to see the 120 MF disappear, let’s keep this going and don’t let 120 go extinct! Let’s bring back the fun, excitement, artistic exploration and experimentation with 120 MF film! Lomography is declaring 120 MF film an endangered species! Lomography is rallying and inviting Lomographers and global retail partners to join them in this 120 MF film journey to sustain and revitalise the 120 MF film format.

As part of Lomography’s commitment, they are reducing the prices of their 120 MF films. This would encourage analogue/film photographers to get back in action with 120 MF film photography, it should be all about the fun without worrying about breaking the bank at every frame.

Keep the frames rolling!

120 MF film give us increased sharpness, improved depth of field, and a larger canvas for striking compositions on a lovely square frame, offering exciting possibilities for carefree snapshots, thrilling experiments, and professional work. Lomography wants everyone to forget everything they ever thought they know about medium format film and let it go! It’s time to fire up the imagination and creativity, feel free to simply create and produce some special with 120 MF film!

When you are shooting with Lomography 120 MF film, do share your most innovative 120 MF photographs with #120isforever, #120isworthit, and be a part of this medium format film revolution!

Pricing and Availability

Here are the new prices for Lomography 120 MF film:

  • Color Negative 100 ISO 3 Pack was 34.9, NOW 24.9 USD
  • Color Negative 400 ISO 3 Pack was 34.9, NOW 24.9 USD
  • Color Negative 800 ISO 3 Pack was 39.9, NOW 27.9 USD
  • Redscale XR 50–200 3 Pack was 35.9, NOW 24.9 USD
  • Potsdam Kino 100 ISO was 10.9, NOW 6.9 USD
  • LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 was 12.9, NOW 11.9 USD
  • LomoChrome Purple 2021 was 13.9, NOW 11.9 USD
  • Color Negative 100 ISO 3 Pack was 49 , NOW 31.9 SGD
  • Color Negative 400 ISO 3 Pack was 49 , NOW 34.9 SGD
  • Color Negative 800 ISO 3 Pack was 59, NOW 39.9 SGD
  • Redscale XR 50–200 3 Pack was 40.9, NOW 34.9 SGD
  • Potsdam Kino 100 ISO was 14.9, NOW 9.9 SGD
  • LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 was 21.9, NOW 18.9 SGD
  • LomoChrome Purple 2021 was 21.9, NOW 18.9 SGD

Purchase them here:

* Information and pictures courtesy of Lomography *

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