It’s 1st December 2020, we have now entered into the last month of Year 2020. For most people, if not all of us, we would love to say goodbye to Year 2020 and hello 2021 with the vaccine for Covid-19 readily available (hopefully soon). As we start our own countdown to the end of Year 2020, saying good riddance to bad rubbish year 2020, I just wanted to share my business updates, personal photography journeys, stories, experiences and updates.

Photography updates


When the Singapore economy opened up in stages during Phase 1 and 2 a few months back, business activities don’t exactly fly back exponentially. Recovery in my photography business had been slow, some recovered faster, others similar to me, probably still need a bit more time in the recovery of our business. 


I also took the time to change part of my business model and direction, a revamp and rebranding has been taking place, getting ready for a new start in 2021. 


I probably haven’t devote and set aside sufficient time to do my personal photography projects. Although working on my photography zine is a mix of personal and business, I haven’t been working on my personal photography projects as much as I would like to. This is about bringing myself back on track, reflecting and thinking about what personal photography projects that I would like to embark on or to finish off what I have been working on in the past few years.

On the other hand, I am most likely going to scale down on my photography participation/outings at the community level. It’s time for me to spend more and better quality time on my personal photography projects instead. For those who wish to join me/follow me, it would have to be on my own terms and conditions as these are projects that I am working on.  

First photography zine is publishing soon 

Since the time when I published my trial/pre-launch photo zine in March 2020, I had started plans to publish and print my first photography zine. There were some delays, from changes in what are the content and creative direction that I wanted in my first photography zine along with the circuit breaker period in Singapore that threw me off track totally. 

Yes, it took me a bit longer than I had initially planned earlier. My first photography zine is  going to be published soon and I would share an article to update everyone soon on where you can get my photography zine!

WIP towards 15 years of photography blogging milestone in April 2021

In an earlier article that I published “Coming soon in April 2021 – 15 years of photo blogging!”, this website is going to hit a 15 years milestone in April 2021. It’s now a work-in-progress, more ideas and plans being mooted that I would like to add into the list that I published earlier in the article. Leading up to April 2021, there might be additions or changes to the overall 15 years milestone celebration plans put in place.

Some possible additions include

  • My very own photographer embroidery badge 
  • Polo tee with my TGH Photography logo 
  • A rubber ink stamp (fun type) for my TGH Photography 

When can we safely travel overseas again?

Alright, I confess, I am feeling the travel wanderlust very badly. International travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation has been severely affected by this global pandemic Covid-19. Many countries are doing their part to continue engaging future visitors in a virtual world or through online events.

The changes to travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation brought upon by the impacts of Covid-19 might be good in certain aspects. We might see less of mass tourism numbers that have impacted our sustainability, resources and destination landscapes. 

I would touch on the areas relating to post Covid-19 situations for the travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation sectors at a later date.

Gratitude, Humility, count my blessings

Reflecting on the past eleven months of Year 2020 marred by the global pandemic Covid-19, we went through a lot during this period. My sole proprietorship photography business had been badly hit, this period had been very stressful and difficult, things are still on the recovery phase as this was the reset for my business and how I have adapt, adopt and change for the near future when we start the recovery climb.

During this crisis period, I am also counting my blessings for what I have, family, relatives and close friends. Expressing more gratitude and humility during this very tough year 2020.

Last month of Year 2020 – Let’s go!

The final month of Year 2020, let’s go and finish the Year 2020 on a good note in a year marked by the global pandemic Covid-19 with its economic, social and psychological impacts. It had not been an easy time for everyone of us here, some had it very tough, some were not as bad, whatever status that you are in, I hope that you would press on and finish the Year 2020 on a good note.

Let’s all look forward to a brand new and fresh start in Year 2021! I hope that the vaccine for Covid-19 will be out in force and we can start our recovery from this global pandemic. While I feel that this won’t be an exponential rise in recovery, at least this would be a good start for us when we welcome Year 2021.

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