Goodbye Circuit Breaker, Hello Phase 1 Post-Circuit Breaker! Today, 2nd June 2020 marks the start of Phase 1 Post-Circuit Breaker in Singapore. The circuit breaker in Singapore started on 7th April 2020, this was initially supposed to end on 4th May 2020, however, it got extended to 1st June 2020. When it was announced earlier by the Singapore Government on 19th May 2020 that we will exit the Circuit Breaker when it ends on 1st June 2020 and embark on a three phased approach to resume our normal life and activities in a safe and controlled manner, many of us are looking forward to this day!

Goodbye Circuit Breaker

A gorgeous sunset brightens up the evening skyline on Monday 1st June 2020 as Singapore waved goodbye to the last evening of the Circuit Breaker period. There was a rainbow across the horizon from my apartment kitchen window. In other parts of Singapore, some spotted a double rainbow!

The rainbow was a beautiful moment for all of us here, circuit breaker wasn’t an easy period for everyone of us here. The light at the end of the rainbow ushers into a new post-circuit breaker period of three-phased approach to resume our normal life and activities in a safe and controlled manner.

Hello Phase 1 Post-Circuit Breaker

On the morning of 2nd June 2020, it was a clear and beautiful day, clear blue sky and nice clouds, hot and humid nevertheless. This is the welcome we receive today to welcome our exit from circuit breaker and moving into Phase 1 Safe Re-opening of the post-circuit breaker period.

When can I resume my commercial photography business?

From the current guidelines set by the Singapore Government, the photography industry are not allowed to resume their business operations in Phase 1. Therefore, we are keeping our fingers crossed to resume in Phase 2.

My sole proprietorship photography business had been severely impacted along with many other businesses in Singapore and worldwide too. As we exit circuit breaker, planning and strategising the next few steps to resume photography business activities and businesses.

When can I travel for my travel photography stories adventures again?

The world travel and tourism industries are hit even harder and worse than some of the other industries. Nobody can give an exact timeline on when the recovery would start, keeping our fingers crossed on the Covid-19 vaccine be ready and available and the world travel and tourism can start their route to recovery before the pre Covid-19 days (although it would not be the same as before).

What’s next for my photography and travel portal/blog?

The Covid-19 and circuit breaker has affected my both my professional and even leisure photography. There were times whereby I was “stuck and lost”, from the pressure, stress and anxieties of running a photography business.

Thus there were less content being created and published here. As we move from Phase 1 to Phase 2, I am working hard to bring back my personal photography coverage stories again along with the official launch of my first photo zine after a successful trial on self-publishing and self-printing my trial/pre-launch photo zine.

The photographs were shot with the Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera, I am wrapping up the review and I would be returning it back soon. Stay tuned for my review article!

For more in-depth personal thoughts, views, feelings and emotions on a personal note, they can be found in my personal and technology portal/blog article here.

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