My grandma is an awesome Iron Lady, strong and fit, with a heart of gold.

On 30th June 2007, we all held a grand yet simple home cooked feast birthday celebration at her home in Bukit Pasir, Muar, Malaysia. Her extended 4 generations of family came under 1 roof to be with her and be part of her grand celebrations.

We drove in and started to help out in the preparations for feast. We prepared the tables and chairs, brought out the food, drinks and desserts prepared by my aunties. It was a really great feast of delicious food and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Soon grandma’s guests arrived and the party began, people came to wish her Happy Birthday, showered with gifts and red packets.

We, the whole extended family network, ordered a giant cake, that has 9 “storeys”, signifying her 90th birthday. It was a great sight that stands tall and proud, just like my grandmother.

Soon after, we all had our fun of photo taking, different generations and groups of our extended family network.

Happy 90th Birthday Granny ! Many best wishes and happy returns !

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