1st January 2021! First day of the new year 2021! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2021! Hope everyone gets a good start to a new year 2021! 

Welcoming the new year 2021 is very different and a lot more quiet this year, no thanks to the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19 situation. There wasn’t any fireworks at Marina Bay Singapore on 31st December 2020, a new year eve countdown event that we all love and enjoy.

Year 2020 has been a very difficult year for many of us, I decided not to do my usual yearly reflection for year 2020, I reckon I had written, shared and published a number of reflections and updates on both my personal/technology portal/blog and photography/travel portal/blog during the course of year 2020 especially during the circuit breaker period. Those articles simply added up and combined into the yearly reflection for year 2020. 

Just two cute cat photographs to describe and summarise our year 2020, quotes by Chef Keith, photographs by me, a content production by 3 Blind Mice.

As we say good riddance to bad rubbish, to an unforgettable year 2020, let’s say hello to year 2021 and welcome a new year, a new hope!

Dear 2021, please be kind to us! Thank you very much in advance! 

A new year, a fresh new start, a new hope. Let this year 2021 be a rejuvenation, recovery and revival year for the world. Follow me on my photography and hopefully international travel adventures in year 2021!

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