World Photography Day falls on 19th August, wishing all fellow photographers a Happy World Photography Day 2021! This is my third year writing and sharing about World Photography Day, I started off Happy World Photography Day in 2019, followed by year 2020.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

On 19th August 2021, World Photography Day 2021, I went for a trek in the outdoors, it’s a photography therapy walk for me as well as photographing scenes (landscapes, trees, light rays, sunset) for my work-in-progress photography zines. The weather was awesome, thanks to the heavy and long period rainfall during the early morning hours till late morning, clearing up the afternoon blue sky and beautiful clouds, followed by a memorable 19th August 2021 sunset. 

I shall not write too much on World Photography Day 2021, I published a recent article titled, “Photography, Travel, Updates 17th August 2021” that would cover most of my happenings in the past few months.

Let me share some of my photography works to mark World Photography Day 2021!

Happy World Photography Day 2021 to all fellow photographers capturing priceless moments, creative photography works, and photographs that give others and yourself many different, unique and priceless memories!

Keep photographing, documenting and capturing those moments! 

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