The Covid-19 virus situation has already caused massive impacts to the world. In Singapore, the circuit breaker began on 7th April 2020, I shared my personal thoughts on my photography/travel portal/blog and personal portal/blog. How are you emotionally, working from home and quarantine life?

At this point in time, less than one week into the Circuit Breaker period in Singapore, how are you feeling right now, your emotions, your inner most thoughts, words speaking to you? How are you coping with working from home, quarantine life and home-based learning? Are you feeling a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts right now, with more news and restrictions coming into this Circuit Breaker period in Singapore? Through my earlier article, which emotional stage are you at right now?

I would like to share some of the photographs that I shot with the Canon EOS M6 Mark II review camera before the circuit breaker kicked in, through the viewing of my landscape photographs, I hope that they would be a form of therapy for you to keep calm, stay safe, stay at home, spend time with your family, children and loved ones.

We all need to stay #SGUnited #SGTogether, fight the Covid-19 virus together. Let’s get it under control and we can get back to our normal life, not just in Singapore, around the world too. This current battle against Covid-19 might take longer than expected, it is not likely to end soon, that would also mean we have to continue with WFH and quarantine life for a bit longer.

While we continue to find new ways to maintain human interaction and connection, we can leverage on technology, social media and communication apps to keep the human connection and interaction going.

I would continue to share more photographs, as a form of enjoyment and therapy for those who need the calm and tranquility during this difficult period. Take care and be safe!

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