Navigating through this current difficult period as the whole world is fighting Covid-19, it was a roller coaster of feelings, thoughts and emotions. The amount of stress, anxiety, frustrations, pressure, while staying at home and working from home, developing cabin fever when circuit breaker kicks in Singapore. To everyone out there, how are you emotionally, working from home and quarantine life? My personal leisure photography is now a therapy for me during this stressful period, as I wonder through my Twitter timeline, I discovered The Art of Shinrin-Yoku through Forest Digital from Hokkaido.

What is Shinrin-Yoku? Shinrin-Yoku (森林浴) literally means Forest Bath (thanks to Google Translation). The YouTube videos produced by Forest Digital from Hokkaido were very soothing, calming and therapeutic. I visited Hokkaido twice in 2014 and 2016, it’s a very beautiful destination for landscape and wildlife photographers, not to forget their delicious cuisine too!

Inspired by their videos, I revisited my Hokkaido travel photography 2014 and 2016 collections on Flickr. Being an outdoors and travel person, this is probably why Shinrin-Yoku resonates so much deeply inside me, whenever I am inside forested areas, surrounded by the fresh air, beautiful sounds of Mother Nature, tranquil surroundings and in peace with myself inner soul. Nature therapy is one of the best natural therapy around us.

During this tough period, I hope that the Shinrin-Yoku videos and my Hokkaido travel photographs would be able to give you some peace and tranquility from all the stress, anxiety, frustrations and pressure that you are facing right now during this Covid-19 situation.

One day, I would return back to Hokkaido again, to continue my travel photography coverage of her spring and summer seasons. Along with climbing mountain peaks in Hokkaido, I am going to add Shinrin-Yoku pilgrimage in Hokkaido too.

Forest Digital




Created with flickr slideshow.

Created with flickr slideshow.

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